You decide to start a blog…what do you call it and why?

Daily Post topic of the day:  Explain the name of your blog and why you chose it.

I have always heard the saying “You’ll never truly know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes.”.  It has always just kinda stuck with me.  When the time came where I decided I wanted to write a blog, I had wanted it to be about me, just random thoughts, pictures, quotes, whatever came to mind,  as a way to work out thoughts in head, keep record of things, have something to look back at, and to put myself out there in the blogosphere for whoever stumbled upon my little blog, hoping that they would read it and know more and more about me.  And so I decided that Walk A Mile In My Shoes was very fitting.  Not to mention, I love shoes.

I do think life is journey we each have individually, and together with each other, and I am really happy for those of you who choose to keep “walking it” with me!

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Life is a journey that I believe we are meant to walk please Walk a Mile with me. View all posts by Stacey

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