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Easter bunny cake

My little guy is allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts and citrus.  It’s been a challenge finding foods for him to eat in general and even more so for holidays.   I want him to feel special and included so I scoured the Internet to find a cake recipe that works with his allergy list so he could have a special treat this Easter.  

First I found a carrot cake boxed cake mix. I double checked all ingredients to ensure it was allergen free.  I put the mix, a 15 oz can of pumpkin, 1/2 cup of shredded carrot and 1/2 cup water into a bowl and mixed until well blended.   Then I poured it into 2 round greased cake pans and baked for 28 minutes at 350•.  The rest of the mix I made into cupcakes.


After they cooled I cut one of circles into ear shapes, using the middle as a bow tie.


(Photo taken from Pinterest because I forgot to take a picture)   

Next, I “glued” the pieces together with dairy free frosting and frosted the whole cake.  To keep it on the healthier side, I decorated the tie and bunny nose with sliced strawberries.


What do you think?  Do you have any Easter recipes to share?

Flea Market

Andrea from The Andrea Project did a post the other day of a flea market as part of a photo-a-day challenge she is doing and the theme was Connect. She talked about connecting with others while shopping at the flea market.

I started remembering the times when we would go to Florida and visit my grandparents and that was the big activity of the weekend; to head to this ginormous flea market and scout for various treasures to spend our hard- earned allowance money on, and for my grandparents to pick up homegrown fruits and vegetables. I usually looked for little knick-knacks and jewelry. It was always a fun experience, as you never knew what treasures awaited you. As I got older, I also enjoyed people watching while there, and if I was lucky, finding a unique item and getting to talk to the seller to hear his/her story behind the item.

Next month it will be 4 years since my grandfather passed away. It has been years prior to that that we had gone for a visit. Those memories are so much more special to me now, and I wish just for even one more Flea market visit with them.

Where I live now, there really are no flea markets. There are similar places but I haven’t really ventured there yet. The closest I get is watching the tv show “Flea Market Flip” where 2 teams go to a flea market with a list of 3 projects they need to complete. They find items to incorporate into those projects, repurpose the items, and then try to sell them for the most profit, to beat the other team, and then win $5000. It seems like a fun idea that I would like to try with my son once he is older. I love the idea of DIY and repurposing items, and hope to build memories with him, as I have with my grandparents at the flea market.