One of those days

This is how my morning started out yesterday:

– get jolted awake by alarm clock after getting only 5 hours of sleep

– get disappointing news via text message just after waking up, causing me stress and having to try to reconfigure my day

– jump in shower and then spend 20 minutes afterwards trying to find the shirt I needed for my outfit

– running slightly late for work, I opt to stop at Starbucks for a much needed venti coffee

– as I’m walking through parking lot at work, the heel of my shoe gets stuck, and I mean STUCK, in a crack, causing me to spill my super hot coffee all over my hand, as 2 trucks full of construction workers are watching me (thankfully, my shoe was not ruined – this time.  I am notorious at work for breaking my heel in the sidewalk cracks)

Maybe I should buy these for the bottoms of my shoes....hmmmm.

– trucks stop to see if I’m ok, but I play it off, while still stuck in crack, that it was just my coffee spilling as I fiddle with trying to get the lid back on, burning other hand

– finally get my shoe dislodged and walk into work and clean myself off

– go into kitchen to make some oatmeal…where it proceeds to blow up in the microwave.  as I remove it, while another coworker is patiently waiting for the microwave, I burn the same hand on the oatmeal.

– get back to my desk to eat the remaining oatmeal, take a sip of coffee, where it spills again, this time on my shirt, leaving a nice, huge spot on my chest (luckily my Tide-To-Go pen was in my desk and was able to get the stain out, but I couldn’t leave my cubicle until the spot dried)

All of this happened from 6:15am to 8:45am.  A few other things happened later on, such as going out for lunch, only to bring it back to work and the terriyaki sauce for my chicken was the consistency of jelly…which I realized after I had poured it onto my food…gross!….and some things falling on me while sitting at my desk.  I think I should have stayed in bed.  Luckily, by 2:00pm, I was able to laugh at it all, and the day ended on a better note.

Have you ever had one of those days?


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