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BALANCE: my word of 2017

I have seen a few of my friends posting the last 2 days about picking a word of the year for themselves.  I wasn’t too sure what all that entailed or meant to them so I did a little research and came upon the website   Here’s what they say:

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Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Scrap that long list of goals you won’t remember a few weeks from now anyway!

Choose just one word.

One word you can focus on every day, all year long… One word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live.

It will take intentionality and commitment, but if you let it, your one word will shape not only your year, but also you. It will become the compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps.

So after a quick reflection on my life over the last year and reviewing some goals I have for this year, I want to give this a shot.   My word for 2017 will be BALANCE.



I need more balance in all aspects of my life, especially at home.  Since we bought our house and live farther out, and living in Southern California, my commute is typcially 1.5 hrs one way becuase of traffice.  By the time I get home, it is already late, leaving just 30-50 minutes to finish dinner with my family and get the little one ready for bed.  This also means that most of the cooking falls on my husband now.  By the time the weekend rolls around, I’m just worn out from the work week, and dont want to spend much energy on cooking, or taking care of things around the house.  So I know he would love it if I could bring more balance back in that area.

I also want to add balance to my overall well-being.  We need to take care of ourselves, including emotionally.  I want to set aside at least 1 day a month where I get to do something that is truely just for me. Whether its a night out with the girls (or even just myself), getting a mani/pedi, going to a paint night, etc. where I’m able to relax and have fun and just recharge emotionally.

For work, to continue finding my groove with scheduling all my appointments and getting all the reports and such done.  It’s been only a year in my current position, and it is always changing, but I have managed to keep up for the most part.

What would your word of 2017 be?  Have you done this before?  Any tips and tricks are always welcome in the comments.

For those of you that might be thinking about doing this and are stuck on finding the right word, below are some suggestions from OneWord365:

Rebuilding, Strength, Forward, Fortitude, Possibility, Risk, Commit, Minimize, Transition, Today, Faith, Perspective, Connect, Action, Love, More, Dare, Courage, Confidence, Trust, Health, Brave, Growth, Uplift, Momentum, Truth, Generous, Breathe, Embrace, Awake, No, Enjoy, Diligence, Ambition, Imagine, Balance, Integrity, Choose, Focus, Soar, Relentless, Opportunity, Invest, Slow, Stewardship, Learn, Revel, Joy, Ignite, Selah, Sacrifice, Reflection, Shine, Write, Finish, Optimism, Unstoppable, Be, Thrive, Adapt, Discover, New, Different, Freedom, Pause, Relax, Determined, Believe, Appreciate, Direction, Persistence, Battle, Progress, Change, Transformation, Silence, Celebrate, Adventure, Reduce, Live, Mindfulness, Push, Open, Present, Resolve, Grace, Purpose, Empower, Peace, Listen, Organize, Simplify, Together, Create, Curious, Release