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Super Sunday

Today was amazing!  my man came over early so we could make breakfast together.  He picked me up some delicious Starbucks. Then I made spinach parmesan omelets, and he made French toast.  Then we watched the NFL football playoffs, where my NY Giants creamed the Atlanta Falcons.   I then got to Skype with my sister and my grandma, talk to my dad, and then we went shopping…gotta love a man who WANTS to go shopping.  I’ll post my fantastic purchases tomorrow 🙂    then when I got home, I turned on the NHL Ducks game…and my boys won that game as well!  Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket.


How was your day?

Sunday Summary – my new RandomBlog buddies

So today, instead of doing my usual summary of favorite posts from some of my blog buddies, I decided to go ahead and post/link to some new blog friends I met while taking part in the Random Blog 2011 Challenge that was started by ClassyRose.  Please check out these blogs and say hi.

MK [inside-out]


Jeanne – nolagirlatheart








A week of random acts of kindness

For all of my blog buddies, I’m sorry that there will be no Sunday Summary this week.  I have been sick for the last week with a major sinus infection and haven’t had much energy to do much, let alone create a long blog post.  But I have been reading your postings and trying to like and comment when I can.

I did come across this post from ClassyRose, Random Acts of Kindness Week, for February 14th through 20th.

Here is an excerpt from her post:

Yesterday I said I had something special planned for the coming week and I got the idea from Random Acts of Kindness Week.

While some of us have received a bump in our stats there are still other new bloggers out there who have yet to see it. Comments I’ve read in the daily posts suggest they don’t know how to get new readers to their blogs.

I’m sending out a challenge to all those participating in the PostADay2011 andPostAWeek2011 challenge.

The Challenge

I’m encouraging bloggers in the WordPress Challenge to commit to reading at least 2 new blog posts everyday at a blog they have never visited before.

Anyone wanting to participate in this challenge will tag their posts with RandomBlog2011.  You will be able to find blogs taking part in the RandomBlog2011 Challenge using this tag the same way you are currently reading the PostADay2011 and PostAWeek2011 blogs.

I will be adding comments to the Daily Post inviting anyone who wants to participate to tag their posts RandomBlog2011. Each participant is asked to read and comment on 2 random blogs every day for the week.

I have no idea how many will decide to take part in the challenge but I’ve had this on my mind since I noticed the special week for Random Acts of Kindness and I just had to give it a try.

How many random blogs will you read this week?

I thought this would be a great challenge to take part in this week and have committed to doing so, and hope you will all join in.  Here’s how to do it:

The RandomBlog2011 Challenge

1.    Read a minimum of 2 new blog posts every day from any of the tags on at a blog you have never visited before.

2.    Look outside of your comfort zone and read something totally different from what you normally would. Expand your horizon.

3.    Go “Tag Surfing” on the Hot Topics page.

4.    Follow a “comment trail” – start with a comment on a friend’s blog from someone you’ve never met and see how far it takes you.

5.    Try and find new bloggers looking for readers and leave a “like” and a “comment”. Ask them to join in the fun and check out the RandomBlog2011 Challenge.

6.    Tag your own posts with RandomBlog2011.

7.    Feel free to tag a post or two from the past week with RandomBlog2011.

8.    Tag an older post or a favourite that didn’t get the attention it deserved.

9.    Visit the Daily Post and read through the comments and see if you can find someone looking for readers. If they’re posting a link they want to be read.

10.  You can visit any new blog you want but I encourage you to visit and comment on the blogs that recently joined the WordPress PostADay2001 or PostAWeek 2011 Challenge.

Here is a follow up post Rose wrote for more information.

Sunday Summary for 2/6/11

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  After the many months of watching football on Sundays, Monday nights and a few Thursday night games, the big NFL Event is here (one of my two favorite EVENTS of the year).  Today’s ultimate match-up is between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers….who do you think will win?  My vote is Green Bay.  Cast your vote below.

I took advantage of the “post scheduling” option so that my Sunday Summary of my blog buddies posts would post today, since I knew I would be busy watching the big game.  Throughout the week I have viewed and commented on their posts and saved some of my favorites here, which I hope you will check out.  This week, though, I did not do a short summary of the post; only attaching the link to the post title.  This way it’s A) more of a surprise for you, but B) easier for me.

To Look for Hidden Opportunities

Quest for Love

7th Annual Medical Weblogs Awards: I’m a Finalist

An Empty Wallet

My Date

100th Blog Post

Is she going on 5 or 25?

What your birth order says about you

Grocery shopping in Portugal

The Red Feather

An Oar of Words

Freshly Pressed

I Love You

To Thy Own Self Be True

Sunday Summary from my Blog Buddies

Once again, another week ends.  To close out the week, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite posts from my Blog Buddies and other blog posts that I enjoyed during the week.  There were a LOT to go through.  Keep up the great writing everyone 🙂

KrazyMemoirs tells us all about the 62nd Republic Day in India.  His post, What if Atlas Shrugged, was also very interesting.

Dillon showed us some Parisian Space Pods…LOL.

Raven has celiac disease and has committed to helping others learn how diet to help manage the disease.  She has even started an additional blog specifically for that purpose which you can check out here.  Good luck on your new blog and thank you for wanting to help others along with yourself!

YoungWifey, someone who’s blog I subscribe to, has posted some great recipes this week. My favorite so far is this one, Grilled Brie, Pear and Spinach on Rosemary Bread….she calls it the grilled cheese for adults!  Hopefully soon I will attempt to make it.

OneChallegePerDay, another blog I stumbled upon on, is posting a challenge per day.  This one really made me think/reflect on myself. “Don’t allow your pride or your arrogance to stop you from learning today. The bum on the street corner may not be equal to you in net worth, but maybe he makes up for it in wisdom. Your knowledge of your profession may far surpass your intern’s, but maybe she can give you a lesson on how to treat people. Today, don’t let your self-proclaimed superiority prohibit you from letting others teach you.” Check out her other daily challenges and then check yourself.

Jettison’s post, the Land of Misfit Socks, I’m sure can apply to all of us.  I happen to be doing laundry as I re-read her post and I just laugh, hoping all my socks come out unscathed and together.  Her post Land of Misfit Socks:Knit Fit talks about frustration and the possible roots of why we get frustrated…it really makes you think.

PrismofLove shares with us some pictures and memories from when she went on an adventure with her husband a few years ago, almost 60 years heavier, and then again recently, and how much more she was able to enjoy herself.  Her pictures are great and I learned about the Three Rivers Petroglyphs. Also I loved her post, the Glass…makes you think.

myLifeDePressed made me laugh with her post Men and Laundry…some things us women just seem to do best, even if they aren’t our favorite chore.  She also had some troubles when the power in her house went out. That is never fun. and finally her post, Words Women Use….hilarious and very true!

BabyBird shared how she is almost 30 years old, but is often mistaken for much younger, to the point where she was carded when purchasing a Lotto Ticket!  I can relate, but I’m glad to know that when I am 50, I will still probably look like I’m in my 30’s.

ClassyRose posted Winners and Losers by Sydney Harris…it was inspirational. She also finished up her About Me page revision…congrats! It made me start thinking if I should revise mine…please read mine and let me know.

Magnificent Minimalist draws pictures for each of her blog posts. This one caught my attention as she posted about how a minimalist discerns what to get rid of….You will have to check out her blog to find out which of the 3 items for the battle and got to stick around.  She also hosted a fun Tea Party for us.

Dr. Skeptic shares with us about a vintage car he saw while out walking, and possible a new found passion.

PrimaryThoughts shares with us some stupid things couples fight about...leading to some break-ups.. Can you relate to any of them? What stupid things have you and your significant other fought about?  She also gave my new poem, Invisible, a shout-out at the end of her posting…you can read it here.

Sunday Summary

It’s been a busy and emotional week for me.  I’ve dedicated this afternoon for some rest and relaxation, as I watch the NFL playoff games, cook some meals for the week, and review posts written by my blog buddies.  This week I have learned:

– There is power in prayer

– Blessings come when you least expect them

– The joy is in the journey, not the destination

– Sometimes what you are looking for and/or need is actually right in your own backyard, but the path to finding it uncovers a whole lot of other truths and exciting things

– Suffering happens to all of us; but how we handle it and react to it can separate us

– I can and did get over my fears of writing and putting myself out there (I wrote and posted my very first poem!)

– I have amazing friends

Now, onto the blog buddies reviews:

Dr. Skeptic’s post, Three Decades of Togetherness, is a tribute to his parent’s 29th anniversary. It was very sweet.

It’sHaphazard’s post, Courage, talks about her courage to tell her father she wanted to move out. It was in response to the postaday challenge on what is the most important thing you did in 2010.

Jettison continues to post an item per day that she is getting rid of, cleaning out her place.  I can related to some of her items, such as keeping empty contacts boxes in case I need to know what my prescription is when I need to order more (even though I could just call my eye doctor, who will have it on record and can order new ones for me) and keeping old boxes for my kitchen wares.

KittyCass reminds us how Google is a girl’s best friend!

LoneDiamond has set some new goals for herself…I look forward to seeing her work towards them, especially with writing a poem per week.  Let’s cheer her on!

myLifeDePressed shared with us that her man lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks on Weight Watchers!  Congrats!! I’m also glad that my suggestion of using a sharpie to label the points values on all her food ahead of time, could be a big help to her (thanks for the shout-out)

Raven had a few fun posts this week, including 5 question Friday, some random pictures, and a serious post involving her divorce and sharing a bit about struggles she has had, entitled Goodbye Alice.

Check out PrimaryThoughts post on encouragement.

PrismOfLove blogs about the use and abuse of modern technology.  She also talks about the growth she has had in the last year, noticing how she reacted much differently now to her car getting broken into than she would have last year.

ClassyRose is doing some housekeeping; changing up and updating her blog.  She has also been so great about sharing tips and advice for some of us newbies, such as websites that can help with technical stuff and increase our blog readability.

BabyBird reminds us all of common courtesy.  Think about how you interact with and treat others. Also her post What’s in a Name taught us the story and origin of her name, and inspired my post My Name is Stacey.


Those are my favorites for the week.  Make sure to check out all of their blogs and posts and leave them some love!