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Sepia Swords

For part of my birthday last year, I went to Medieval Times dinner and tournament.  You pretend that you are living back in the days of Kings and knights, etc.  You eat your meal with your hands, as you watch and cheer on the knight assigned to your section.  They throw javelins, do tricks with their horses, and even joust.   This picture is of some of the different swords and a breastplate, that would have been typical of that era.  I made it in sepia tone, as part of my weekly sepia scenes photography.

Have you ever been to Medieval Times?  What did you think?



Elephant Surrender

Today is Sepia Scenes Wednesday, where you submit a photo with sepia tones.  Because I love elephants, I had to post this one (even though I have previously posted live elephants).  I took this one last weekend in Hollywood.  Outside of the Kodak Theater, there are these huge elephants on top of these enormous pillars.  When I looked at this picture, I felt like the elephant was raising his arms saying, “I surrender!”.  I have had a crazy week at work and it has only been 2 days.  I felt that this elephant could be representing me, telling God, and everyone else, “I surrender!”.

Sepia Wagon

Sepia Arch

I was walking around downtown and came across this archway and I just loved how it looked and seemed to draw you in towards the house in the background.  I decided to use it for this week’s sepia photo.

Sepia Accessories

This is a picture of just some of the accessories I wore to my very first (and only one so far) red carpet event in Los Angeles.  My friend’s company sponsored an event, so we got tickets to watch a pre-show interview and I got to step onto the red carpet.  Then we watched the show, and got to hang out in the VIP area.  Afterwards we went and had sushi at Katsuya.  It was a great girls night out.

Sepia Bells

I took this picture while walking around a small village in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine.  I stood in front of them imagining their sound; was it similar to church bells that I might have heard in America or the bells ringing at Westminster Abbey after the royal wedding?  While I didn’t get to hear them ringing, I just marveled at the look and had to take a photograph to remember it.