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1 down, 11 to go

That is, one month down of the postAday2011 challenge, 11 months to go.

WordPress asked us today to report how we are doing,what are your thoughts so far? Are you enjoying the challenge? What have you accomplished this month? What strategies and techniques are working best for you?

As for how I am doing, I have managed to post at least once, sometimes multiple times per day, with the exception of 3 days.  I have gained some great blog buddies that have offered a lot of encouragement and tips.  I have recently added additional pages and widgets to my blog and have learned how to schedule the publishing of posts, which has enabled me to write a few at a time and post them for different days.

I am enjoying it so far.  Just getting to know my blog buddies and other’s, and learning from them has been so helpful.  It has allowed me to gain some knowledge and confidence, and grow my blog, both in my writing/posts, as well as overall exposure – having others actually read it and comment.  I do find some of the daily topics are not always things that I like or relate to my blog.  It has challenged me to look beyond what the proposed topic is and think of something on my own and/or tweak their suggested post.

As far as accomplishments, I would say just still sticking with the challenge is an accomplishment for me, along with learning some of the technical aspects, such as the scheduling posts, posting video clips, etc.  I also have written some poetry (check out my Poetry in Motion page).

Overall, this has been a great experience so far and I look forward to the next months.

the Event

Today’s writing prompt comes from  What major sporting event do you get most excited about?

I will admit that I love watching sports, especially hockey and football.  I will go to baseball games, but they are not as fun to watch on TV.  I’ve also been known to watch a basketball game or two…but by far my favorites are hockey and football.  With that being said, I get excited every time I have tickets to go to a game.  Hockey playoff games are really fun and aggressive.  I can get crazy watching the Stanley Cup finals (hockey) and the Super Bowl (football).  And it just so happens, that the Super Bowl is this coming Sunday!  My team is not in it however, but it looks to be a great game. Both teams have a great defense.  I will spending the day watching the game on a projector screen, surrounded by friends and food 🙂

What sports do you like? What sporting event do you get most excited about?

Avocado Salsa and Coconut-Curry Chicken Dippers

Sunday was a dreary, rainy day, so I decided to try out 2 new recipes, one that my friend Christina gave me, and another I found online.

Avocado Salsa (courtesy of Christina 🙂 )


6 medium to large tomatillos or equivalent
3 + yellow chilies (depending on how hot you want it)
1 bunch of cilantro
1+ lime (depending on your taste)
1 tsp + salt (depending on your taste)
1/4 + onion (depending on your taste)
3 avocados


-remove the husk from the tomatillos
-roast both the tomatillos and yellow chilies on a non stick pan(if you have one) until they are soft
-You can roast the onion if you would like ( I didn’t)
-during the roasting peel the avocados and mash them up
-once the roasting is done, peel some of the burned part, then put the tomatillos, yellow chilies, and cilantro in the blender and blend on low
-add the onion, salt and lime and blend it on low again.
-when the flavor is to your liking, add the avocado to the salsa and hand stir it.  I prefer this to make it chunky.  If you use the blender it will be smooth. Add the avocado seeds before you store it to keep the avocado from browning.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Dippers (courtesy of


1 pkt. SHAKE ‘N BAKE Extra Crispy Seasoned Coating Mix
1 cup  BAKER’S ANGEL FLAKE Coconut, toasted
1/4 tsp. each curry powder and ground red pepper (cayenne)
1   egg
1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch-wide strips
1/4 cup  MIRACLE WHIP Dressing
1 Tbsp. mango chutney


HEAT oven to 400ºF.

COMBINE coating mix, coconut and seasonings in pie plate. Beat egg in second pie plate.

DIP chicken in egg, then in coating mixture, turning to evenly coat both sides of each strip; place in 15x10x1-inch pan sprayed with cooking spray. Discard any remaining coating mix.

BAKE 12 to 14 min. or until chicken is done. Meanwhile, mix dressing and chutney.

SERVE chicken as dippers with the sauce.

Both recipes turned out amazing!  Hope you will try them and let me know what you think 🙂  Sorry the pictures are so small; I was using my cell phone.

Another new page

I decided to add another page to my blog, called Savory Stuff. It will have at-a-glance links to the recipes that I post throughout my blog.  Also if you want to send me a recipe to try and then I will post about it, use my “Blog This” page, which is my contact page.

Sunday Summary from my Blog Buddies

Once again, another week ends.  To close out the week, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite posts from my Blog Buddies and other blog posts that I enjoyed during the week.  There were a LOT to go through.  Keep up the great writing everyone 🙂

KrazyMemoirs tells us all about the 62nd Republic Day in India.  His post, What if Atlas Shrugged, was also very interesting.

Dillon showed us some Parisian Space Pods…LOL.

Raven has celiac disease and has committed to helping others learn how diet to help manage the disease.  She has even started an additional blog specifically for that purpose which you can check out here.  Good luck on your new blog and thank you for wanting to help others along with yourself!

YoungWifey, someone who’s blog I subscribe to, has posted some great recipes this week. My favorite so far is this one, Grilled Brie, Pear and Spinach on Rosemary Bread….she calls it the grilled cheese for adults!  Hopefully soon I will attempt to make it.

OneChallegePerDay, another blog I stumbled upon on, is posting a challenge per day.  This one really made me think/reflect on myself. “Don’t allow your pride or your arrogance to stop you from learning today. The bum on the street corner may not be equal to you in net worth, but maybe he makes up for it in wisdom. Your knowledge of your profession may far surpass your intern’s, but maybe she can give you a lesson on how to treat people. Today, don’t let your self-proclaimed superiority prohibit you from letting others teach you.” Check out her other daily challenges and then check yourself.

Jettison’s post, the Land of Misfit Socks, I’m sure can apply to all of us.  I happen to be doing laundry as I re-read her post and I just laugh, hoping all my socks come out unscathed and together.  Her post Land of Misfit Socks:Knit Fit talks about frustration and the possible roots of why we get frustrated…it really makes you think.

PrismofLove shares with us some pictures and memories from when she went on an adventure with her husband a few years ago, almost 60 years heavier, and then again recently, and how much more she was able to enjoy herself.  Her pictures are great and I learned about the Three Rivers Petroglyphs. Also I loved her post, the Glass…makes you think.

myLifeDePressed made me laugh with her post Men and Laundry…some things us women just seem to do best, even if they aren’t our favorite chore.  She also had some troubles when the power in her house went out. That is never fun. and finally her post, Words Women Use….hilarious and very true!

BabyBird shared how she is almost 30 years old, but is often mistaken for much younger, to the point where she was carded when purchasing a Lotto Ticket!  I can relate, but I’m glad to know that when I am 50, I will still probably look like I’m in my 30’s.

ClassyRose posted Winners and Losers by Sydney Harris…it was inspirational. She also finished up her About Me page revision…congrats! It made me start thinking if I should revise mine…please read mine and let me know.

Magnificent Minimalist draws pictures for each of her blog posts. This one caught my attention as she posted about how a minimalist discerns what to get rid of….You will have to check out her blog to find out which of the 3 items for the battle and got to stick around.  She also hosted a fun Tea Party for us.

Dr. Skeptic shares with us about a vintage car he saw while out walking, and possible a new found passion.

PrimaryThoughts shares with us some stupid things couples fight about...leading to some break-ups.. Can you relate to any of them? What stupid things have you and your significant other fought about?  She also gave my new poem, Invisible, a shout-out at the end of her posting…you can read it here.

A Perfect Sunday

My perfect Sunday happened  in November of last year. It incorporated many things that I love:  Jesus, Football, Hockey, Fireworks and Food!

I got up and got ready for church, as I do every week. Only this week, I put a little more effort into looking nice because of my afternoon plans.  I had recently started dating someone, we will call him Randy, and I knew that I would be seeing him later on.   Anyways, I went to church, and listened intently on the sermon, though I cannot remember now what it was about, but I can tell you that they are always great.  After church, I went home and turned on the football game. I watched and cheered on various teams, as my team, the NY Giants, did not play until that evening.  It would have been more perfect if they had played at 1:00 so I could have watched them, and if they would have won.

So Randy* arrives at my house around 3:30 to pick me up and take me to the Ducks hockey game. We had a nice time chatting in the car, drinking a beer at the game and just continuing to get to know each other.  Again, my team lost, but I was not going to let that ruin my day.  We were also given a free window decal at the game, so that was a plus.

Next, we went to Downtown Disney, because Randy* knew I loved fireworks, at Disneyland does then nightly, and we had about 20 minutes until the show.  We stood, cuddled together, and just enjoyed each others company, until the magical fireworks lit up the night sky.   After, we were hungry, as it was about 10:00pm.  Randy* took me to a nice jazz restaurant serving New Orleans style food.  We were seated right next the band.  It was a nice, romantic dinner with candles and live music.

All in all, it was one of the best dates I have had, and a fantastic way to spend a Sunday.  It would have only been more perfect if both of my teams had won their games, but you can’t win them all.

What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday? How would it differ from a typical Sunday?