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Today’s assignment was to explore the same prompt from Monday through the eyes of of your fellow bloggers. Read 6 blogs and leave comments on at least 2.As you read, ask yourselves: how did the author approach the prompt? How was the post structured? Was there anything particularly creative or original done that you could take inspiration from? Did they interpret it in a way that would have never occurred to your? Reading and finding inspiration in others’ writing is a foolproof way to preempt writer’s block — and it teaches you new ways to re-imagine prompts.

I posted on the beach, which you can read here if you missed it (and I had edited it to add in pictures) here.

I had limited time this morning to work on this assignment so far. But there were 2 blogs that really stuck out to me on how they used the Places prompt. The first blogger wrote about her favorite place being at the ball field. Her husband coaches, her kids play baseball, she loves the game and experience of being at the game, and you could just feel the joy and her pride in being at that place.

The second blog took a picture some very colorful houses/doors in his neighborhood. It was more about a pop-of-color in this place near him.

There were a few other blogs that I had visited and commented on, most all related to the beach like my post, or they were of something that reminded them of home.

I hope you will read my Places post on the beach (and click the link to my Oceans post to see some pictures), and leave some extra comments today 🙂



Beach, mountain, forrest, or somewhere else entirely?

Growing up in my quaint little small town, we didn’t have much in terms of fun places to visit. We were in upstate NY, about 6 hours from NYC, the nearest big city was about 2 hours away. So any trip was usually exciting in its own way. As I got older, I remember going on vacations to the beach, in South Carolina. It was typically a 13 hour car ride. We would stay at hotels at first, then gradually started renting a house on canal. We would take lots of walks on the beach during the day and at sunset (I was never awake for sunrise), and explore the local restaurants and tourist attractions at night. I would always be taken aback at the vastness of the ocean, each and every time. There it was, sprawled out in front of me, fading into the horizon, the waves sweeping away bits of sand each time. It seemed endless. I would just sit in the sand, staring out into the water, wondering who might be on the other side of it, wherever its edges lay on the other shore. I would look for treasures washed ashore, such as shells, rocks or broken pieces of glass. Once I even found a $20 bill. The smell of the salt water in the air lingers throughout the day, and the squawk of the seagulls overhead, begging for food, can bring you out of the trance you were put in by the lapping of the waves on the shore. I’ve seen the waters still and calm, and raging from a hurricane, yet each time, it still captivates me. Any beach has always been my peaceful spot, filling me with such a calmness. And it also reminds me of our smallness in this world. It’s a good reality check. My husband also loves the beach. We actually decided to get married on the beach in the Bahamas. What better place to say “I do”. Now that we live in southern California, there are plenty of beaches for us to enjoy, and they are only an hour away. What’s your favorite?

here’s a link to a post I did a few years back with several ocean/beach pictures I have taken.