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5 question Friday – Spring edition

Happy first day of Spring!  Today’s 5QF will be Spring related. Please feel free to answer the questions for yourself either in the comments below, or in your own blog post, and link back here.

1).  What do you most look forward to for Spring?  I enjoy having the sun stick around longer.  It’s nice getting out of work late and it is still day light.  That means more outdoor time with my little guy.

2). Spring Cleaning:  Love it, hate it, any specific routine or thing you do related to it? HATE it.  I’m not a fan of cleaning and will do it when it needs to be done.  I have no routine or organization about it.  I try to focus on one room at a time.  I did make a mental inventory though of what my baby needs, usually the next size up of clothing, and try to pack away clothes he has outgrown.

3). What are 3 things you need to get rid of if you are Spring cleaning?  stained, ripped and/or “don’t fit” clothes, broken items, expired can goods.

4). Spring Break:  Share a memorable Spring Break experience/vacation/memory.  I was recently telling someone that while I was a sophomore in high school, I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed over spring break.  While everyone else was enjoying their vacation and probably at the beach, I was laying on the couch, in pain and miserable, wondering if I would ever be able to eat again lol.

5). Spring is considered a time of new beginnings.  What is something new that you have started/are starting?  Reviving this blog 😉  Also I’m always on the lookout (on Pinterest) for new recipes to try and new activities to do with my son.  And I’m working on reconnecting with old friends.

Have a look at a photo post I did from a few years ago related to Spring. It has a gallery of pictures of beautiful Spring flowers, and a link to a poem I wrote as well.

Happy Friday and Happy Spring!

Stopping to smell the flowers

My mother in law has several gardens in her back yard.  We were over there today and while we were playing with our son outside, I snapped these beauties from my iPhone.  I love flowers and wanted to share a little of that love with you.  

Weekly Photo Challenge : PEACEFUL

Falling for Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season, especially in upstate NY.  I know I have blogged about it before, which you can read here  and here.  I am feeling so thankful that I have come to NY right now, as the leaves reached their peak color during the change. It has been such a beautiful and breathtaking site to take in these last 2 weeks, and I have taken tons of pictures to remember it by.  Here are some of my favorites:

I am just in LOVE with the beauty around me…..almost makes me not want to go back to CA…almost.

Weekly Photo Challenge : FALL

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year.  It is what I miss the most about living in NY.  There was such a crispness in the air, the beauty of the leaves changing colors, the crunching sound of the leaves underfoot, that had fallen from the trees, the colorful pumpkins, the brightness of the sunflowers, the crunch of crisp, sweet apples, and the smell of fresh apple pies baking from the apples you just picked.  It would send me into a heavenly sensory overload!  The good news, for me, is that I am going back there next month, and hopefully will get to experience it again.  The good news for you, is that I have put together a few collages to represent  some of my favorites about Fall, so if you don’t live near it, at least you can visually see what I’m talking about.

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Simplify 8/103

8. Appreciate art in many forms. Not just paintings and music. But teacher’s lessons, and blogs posts, and crisp, fall mornings.

This year has taught me to really appreciate art through written word, cooking, and photography, mostly.  I have developed several blogging friendships and blog buddies, I enjoy reading the many blogs I am subscribed to, which has also given me inspiration for some of my posts (including this simplify series), and I have been working on improving my own writing skills (see my Poetry In Motion tab).  I have been cooking a lot more and experimenting with my recipes.  My main form of artistic expression is usually through my photography. I still haven’t been able to find any classes to take for photography, but keep trying to challenge myself with the composition and with editing.   A couple days ago, I also got to view art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and was exposed to so many various types of art.  I am hoping that when I go back to NY in October, I will arrive with the change of seasons, my most favorite time of year there, and be surrounded by an amazing canvas of color and texture and smell with the trees and the crisp, fall air. Life in LA is always so busy and seems to be the same routine over and over, that I often can miss the beauty and art surrounding us.


What is your favorite kind of art or way to express yourself artistically?