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A-Z Challenge summary

For the month of April, I participated in this great challenge, which I found out about through my new blogging buddy, Sandi.  It was called the A-Z Challenge.  The goal of the challenge was to blog every day, except Sundays, using each letter of the alphabet for the month of April.

Here is a recap on what I used for the topics:

  • (A)nnouncing an April A-Z Challenge
  • (B)lessed Beyond Belief
  • (C)lub Creeper
  • (D)estination Unknown
  • (E)lephants
  • (F)ailure Focused or Forward Focused
  • (G)adgets, Gismos and GPS
  • (H)appines
  • (I)ce, Ice Baby
  • (J)ust Joking
  • (K)iss, Kiss
  • (L)ove Languages
  • (M)ama said…
  • (N)ot Now
  • (O)verused and Overplayed  (I also did a 2nd O post Orchids)
  • (P)ostcards, Placemats and Packages
  • (Q)ueen of Hearts
  • (R)ainbows
  • (S)tained Glass Windows
  • (T)ravel Tales
  • (U)ndo It  (I also did a 2nd U post Umbrellas)
  • (V)ampires
  • (W)ine  (I also did a 2nd W post  What’s Next)
  • (X) This
  • (Y)ogurt
  • (Z)ambia

There they are….all 26 (+ my additional 3 extras).  I loved this challenge.  I talked about it in my Whats Next post, where I said :

It has allowed me to get really creative, think outside the box, meet some great new blogging friends, and it has kept me on track with writing every day.  I’m so sad to see it come to an end.

Now I have added the fun badge on my right sidebar, showing I survived the challenge.  I really,  really, really had a lot of fun with it, and I found it gave me something to post about every day.  Now I’m kinda in a “what should I post now” rut.

Which was your favorite post topic(s) from my list?   Did any of you doing the A-Z challenge use any of the same topics for your letters?


(W)hat’s next?

Wow, the month of April flew by, and so did the A-Z Challenge. I have had so much fun with this challenge.  It has allowed me to get really creative, think outside the box, meet some great new blogging friends, and it has kept me on track with writing every day.  I’m so sad to see it come to an end.

With that said, I am hoping that you all can give me ideas of what to write next or if you know of any other fun challenges?  Help me figure out the “What’s Next”.   I am still participating in the Daily Post challenge through Word Press, but I think 90-95% of the topics are not anything I want to blog about.

Also I would love your feedback on what you thought about my participation in the A-Z Challenge, how I did my posts, what you liked/didn’t like, etc.  Any and all feedback will help me with my writing style and content, and might inspire additional posts.

This post is part of a month-long series, A-Z, that I am participating in for the month of April.  You can learn more about it by clicking on the link over on the right sidebar.

My Creative Side

Just a couple of days ago, I celebrated my 100th blog post.  It has been less than a year since I started blogging and I really do feel like I have accomplished more that I had thought, and that my writing skills have improved.  I’m not sure that I would go so far as to say that writing is my favorite way to express my creativity, but it is getting up there.  I think my first choice would be through photography, which I hope is evident by looking at some of the various pictures I have put up throughout my blog posts.  I love being able to take a person or object or something from nature and capturing it from various angles, and then also using photo editing to enhance it further, if needed.  My love for photography has also led me down the path of scrapbooking and digital photobooks for a time.  I have had numerous gifts made for others using photos I have taken and am currently involved in another photography gift-making project.

Another way I express my creativity is with decoration/designing. I love to help friends select paint colors for their homes, or help them recreate a space in their home, and if we get to work on some kind of crafty project in the mean time, that is really fun for me too.  Last year I had the opportunity to take in my old engagement ring and wedding ring to a local jeweler and I designed a whole new ring, using the diamonds from both of the old rings.  It was so neat to take something and turn it into something completely different and unique, knowing I designed it.

My third way I express creativity is with my cooking.  I am a self-taught cook.  My parents were not the best cooks, and my mother preferred her food on the bland side.  I have watched cooking shows, perused cookbooks, gathered recipes off of the internet to start, and then would always add my own things to recipes, or would just make something up from scratch. It is often a trial-and-error approach, that most of the time turns out well. Just don’t ask me for the exact recipe, because it can often fluctuate 🙂

What are your favorite ways to express your creativity?

1.0.0.th POST

In case you haven’t noticed, today I am celebrating my 100th blog post!  Time has flown by for me.  I started my blog on May 17, 2010 with this post, Welcome.  I wrote a few posts here and there, usually really short and mostly just as a way to get me started.  I had maybe one or two visitors to my blog occasionally; mostly just friends from Facebook after I announced I had posted something.  Why did I start a blog?  You can read about that in my post, Why a Blog, which was one of the postacday2011 challenge topics back in January. Never would I have thought that less than a year later, I would have redeveloped my blog, the layout, widgets, etc, improved my writing style and quality of my posts, and gotten to know so many people throughout the world and have some amazing blog buddies.  I appreciate each and every one of you more than words can say.  One of my blog buddies, Dr. Skeptic, even did an in-depth review of my blog on 1/17/11. You can read it here. I loved it and thought he did a great job!

The addition of the postaday2011 challenge has really encouraged me and challenged me to grow in my writing, and I am so much more consistent since it started, as you can see in my archives.   I’m also really proud of the fact that I have composed 3 poems, something totally new for me, and one of them, Invisible, is going to be featured on another blogger’s poetry showcase in April. I have come a long way since May, and still have a long way to go, but am truly enjoying the journey and hope you are as well.  Thank you all for your support, encouragement, comments, likes, and I hope you will keep Walking A Mile with me 🙂

Here are a few of my top viewed/favorite posts:

Holes In My Heart

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Fall Fun

Weekly Photo Challenge : Boundaries

Weekly Photo Challenge : Curiosity

My Valentine (I was told by a blog buddy that this post was featured)

What posts of mine are your favorite?  What would you like me to post about in the future?

Making my wish to be "freshly pressed" by the end of this year 🙂

PostaDay update

I am 3 weeks into the postaday challenge and so far it is going really well.  There are days where I use their recommended writing prompt and other days where I just post whatever I feel like, whether its pictures, recipes,  or something written.  I love, love, love reading all the posts from my blog buddies and have enjoyed their comments and useful tips/suggestions as well.  I really look forward to going more in depth with some of my posts and getting more familiar with blogging in general….as well as meeting more of you.  Still working on getting over my fears of putting myself out there.  Am working on writing a poem…my first one. Hope to have it up tomorrow.  Thank you all for reading. So far, my best day this month had 93 views!   How are you all doing with your postaday/postaweek challenge?

Sunday Summary about my Blog Buddies

Here’s some highlights from posts written by my Blog Buddies this week.  Be sure to check out their blogs for more great posts and show them some love.

Art of Nom: The Art of Nom, written by Sara, is a diary of food, photography, and other daily pleasures, from start to finish. She has a great black and white photo showcasing ingredients used to make some homemade bread.  It definitely appealed to my carb-loving nature 🙂   See it here.

Dr. Skeptic:  This blog is written by a recently graduated physician, who believes that the first step to knowledge begins with the cultivation of skepticism.  The post that I loved this week was one that was linked from another blog, and it talked about the size of a man’s foot compared to the size of his “manhood”.  I also loved the in-depth analysis Dr. Skeptic did on one of his (also one of mine) blog buddy’s (It’s Haphazard).  I can’t wait until I get a thorough review of my blog 😉

It’s Haphazard: This blog, written by Casey, a student from from Monaghan, Ireland, whose blog is her personal, online diary. Her post from 1/14/11 A Blog?Why? was something I could relate to. We both share anxiety and fear of posting blogs, being criticized for what we write, or that no one would read our blogs.  Now that she has some blog buddies, that last fear can be eliminated!

Jettison2011: For every day in 2011, Jettison will discard one item, paying it homage by sharing a photo, perhaps a story about it and her reason and method for getting rid of it. Her post Coat of Mail discusses “pack-ratdom” and points out one area that I can absolutely relate to…the accumulation of mail (and newspapers and ads).  She also showcases some other interesting items she has chosen to get rid of, including that random bottle of clear nail polish with multiple uses, and a piece of clothing that could be a top or a dress.

LoneDiamond:  Her blog started out as a way to improve her writing and full of random thoughts, similar to mine. Her post on Trip back to the Topics, talked about what she would like to be remembered for, for her kindness, who did all she could for her kids and husband, and talked about something she had never told anyone, which was about having a lack of confidence and putting herself down and holding herself back. The overall theme of the post was that you will make mistakes, as we all do, but to learn from them, to put yourself out there, and to take the bad in stride. It was really encouraging.

mylifedePressed: written by Lisa, a thirty-something mother of 2 and engaged to imPressed, her blog is a place to put her thoughts and share a bit of humor about life. I love her nicknames for her kids and fiancée.  Her post WWF was about her going to Weight Watchers to support her fiance and the information she found out about the program and how it will affect what they can eat day to day. I also like how the next day, she became best friends with the Weight Watchers points calculator.  That post was humorous and I loved how she ran around calculating everyones points around her.  Clean it OUT was about an upcoming project for their garage.  My pack-rat tendencies related to this post.

Narcissistic Raven:  This blog is a social experiment by a crazy raven haired, green eyed, yarn addicted girl from Jersey living in the south and her adventures on this topsy turvy roller coaster we call life.  Her post Please Excuse me while I pick the gravel out of my teeth definitely brought some tears to my eyes.  Major kuddos to Raven for sharing her heart here and praise God that she is out of that situation.  Another post of hers, Pay if Forward, reminded me of the movie.  It shows that there are still decent, caring people in the world willing to help out complete strangers, and ask only that you return the favor.  It inspired me to try to keep my eyes open for people  I could show random acts of kindness to.

Primary Thoughts:From My Father’s Knee:  This is a blog about thoughts on life and relationships written by a small town girl from Oklahoma. My pick-of-the-week post from her is How do you think?And what do they mean? It was a post about negative thought before positive choice, how you see yourself and how you make decisions.  Check it out and let her know your thoughts.

PrismofLove: Written by Elizabeth, her blog is  about viewing her life through a lens and exploring the scenery of the Tularosa Basin.  Her post, I actually did something in 2010 worth mentioning, was pretty amazing….she lost 55 pounds!!  Read about her weight loss and future goals.  CONGRATULATIONS!!! and keep it up!  Another post had me cracking up,  My Gray Hair Miracle.  I can relate and justify a good trip to the hair salon.

whatsbuggingmetoday:  written by ClassyRose. Her blog started off as a place to rant about things that bug her, to let off some steam and to inform others.  She also has some “or not” posts, about things that do NOT bug her. Her post on the Optimist Creed was really encouraging to me this week, especially as I am still feeling new to the blogging world.  Rose’s posts contain tidbits of encouragement, tips and suggestions that I’m sure will be very helpful.

Whewwww…..A shout out and thanks to WordPress.com for putting out the idea of blog buddies.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my new buddies and read all of their great posts this week.  Great week Blog Buddies!! Let me know which of my posts were your favorites this week.

Thanks for walking this journey with me!