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Movie snacks

On Friday, I went to opening night showing of Beauty and the Beast in 3D at my local movie theater with my man.  I have always loved this movie when I was younger, and haven’t seen it in a long time, though I did go to the Broadway musical of it last year (see this post).  It was so fun to watch this movie all over again, and even though I had seen it numerous times before, there seemed to be a couple of things that I had not noticed before, and the 3D effects were so cool.

Back to the topic though, of movie snacks.  I love movie theater popcorn…there is just something about the taste of it.  I had some this time because I just couldn’t resist.  But most of the time, I don’t buy it, because, lets face it, the concessions at movies are so dang expensive (we are in a recession people!!).  So sometimes, I admit, I sneak in my own snacks, whether its some candy, my own popcorn that I popped at home, a soda, and when I’m trying to be good….I’ll bring in healthy snacks like fruit or trail mix.

Today, I came across this funny post from Groupon and I just had to share it with you:

The Groupon Guide to: Sneaking Snacks into a Movie

Movie theaters insist that you purchase their snacks because if the public doesn’t buy them, the employees are forced to eat the remaining candy at the end of their shift. Avoid buying overpriced movie snacks with these tips for sneaking your own treats:

• Bring a suitcase full of large pizzas to the movies and say that you have a plane to catch right after the film ends.

• Fill your pockets with unpopped popcorn kernels. Hold each one over a lighter to activate it.

• Form licorice into the shape of glasses and wear them into the movie. If you already have glasses, pop out the lenses and replace them with Nilla wafers.

• Steal other people’s candy by pretending to be their wife or husband. They won’t know because it’s dark in a movie theater and you smell just like their spouse.

• Fill your mouth, nose, and hair with Mike and Ikes. When you get inside the movie, spit them out to share with your friends.

• Bribe the movie-theater staff into looking the other way by inviting them to your lake house for one unforgettable summer they’ll never forget.

• Soak a rag in soup and suck on it.

Do you sneak in snacks?  What’s your favorite thing to eat when watching movies?