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The end is near

…of 2012 that is.

I am sitting here reflecting on how fast this year has flown by and trying to remember all of the things that have happened through the year.  I remember some of the big stuff, such as the birth of my niece, having major eye surgery, getting engaged, getting married, going to the Bahamas and to New York, visiting family, wine tasting, moving yet again, and thats where the remembering stops.  I really wish I could remember more of the little things but I am stuck.  And since I barely spent any time documenting any of those things on my blog, I have little recollection of the rest.

I decided that I don’t want that to happen again next year.  So, thanks to the help of Pinterest, I decided to make a 2013 Memories Jar with my hubby.  This way when something happens that one of us wants to remember, whether a special moment, a trip, etc., we can write it on a slip of paper and put it in our jar. Then on New Years Eve, open the jar and read through all the papers and relive each moment again.

Here are some pictures of our decorated jar (sorry I didn’t do a step by step picture):


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I think we will also include some goals/resolutions in the jar as well.  It will be fun next year to look back to see if we stuck to them or not.

What was your favorite memory(ies) of 2012?  What are you looking forward to in 2013? Any goals/resolutions? Are you going to make your own 2013 memories jar?