One whole year

Last night, we went to a New Year’s Eve party at our friends house.  I was having a serious chat fest with my friend Jessica, like full on cathartic conversations about some stuff in my life, when she suggested that I should journal; that its good for the soul and there is an emotional release when writing.  I then had one of those “lightbulb” moments and told her, “oh yeah, I have a blog, I used to love writing”.  I chuckled to myself and then wondered how long had it been since I last wrote.  I logged in this morning and realized it has been ONE WHOLE YEAR!  I had 1, yes 1, single blog post for last year, on January 2.  WHOOPS!!   I guess life and busyness got in the way.  But I did make a resolution to get myself back into writing and even signed up for a blogging challenge for this month.  I hope some of you that have followed my blog are still around and will say hello and comment.  And I look forward to meeting new people on this continuous journey.  Feel free to make any post topic suggestions or ask any questions.


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