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Today’s #blogging101 assignment was to create a blog roll and share it.  Again, this was something I had done years ago, so I decided to go through my blog roll and edit out people that I don’t really keep up with or follow anymore.  I’m still subscribed to their blogs, but they either haven’t posted in a long time, or we just really lost touch.  I have a few new followers that I am also following and am hoping to add them to the list soon.  For now I like having my blog roll located on my sidebar, but if it gets bigger, I would consider making it have its own page.

Let me know if you would like to be added to my blog roll.  I’m looking for blogs that are similar to mine and/or bloggers that will be continuing to read my blog, provide comments and feedback and overall encouragement.


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4 responses to “Blog Roll

  • Holly Jahangiri

    I have trouble letting go (there’s even a dead blogger in my blogroll), but I did clean out the inactive ones, yesterday – inactive due to lack of interest, that is, not because they’re dead.

    Hey, it’s a good blog. Two, actually. Says something about a blogger that they’re worth keeping around, even after death. 🙂

    • Stacey

      I had a hard time letting go as well. I have been meaning to do it so many times but always ended up talking myself out of it, and hoping they would come around again. I think that is why I am still subscribed to their blogs, but just not publicly following on my blog roll.

      • Holly Jahangiri

        I started to do it that way, and then purged the list. Most hadn’t posted in over a year. They can do the work – as I did – in promoting their blogs if they choose to take it up again. (I did have one person email me to tell me that they had bought their own domain and changed WHERE they blogged, and asked me to subscribe there, instead – which I did.)

      • Stacey

        That was nice of the one person in letting you know.

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