Walk With Me Wednesday

Yesterday’s #blogging101 assignment was to add a custom header and Widgets to our blogs.  Mine have been there for about 5 years now, so I could not remember how to do it.  There were some directions, which I did try to follow, but it didn’t work for me.  I did end up redoing the order  and title of 2 of them, so it wasn’t a total fail.  But really nothing to do a whole blog post about.

Today though, we are still working on building connections with fellow bloggers and were asked to follow 4 new blogs.  I am going to highlight a few posts from people I am now following:

Arielle at With All My Affection just posted this about tiles but it first caught my eye because of all of her shoes 😉

Rachel at Create a Path posts about children’s books, crafts, and this post about a dream destination that got me itching to travel.  How I miss seeing new sites and traveling on a whim, which I cannot do now with a baby.

Victoria at Victoria Feathers is participating in a photoaday challenge.  This is a recent post that I liked, showing the before and after editing.

Edwina at Edwina’s Episodes posted this – a sad but funny mishap when getting a tattoo.  It also links to another post she did the day before that was very similar, with getting one’s eyebrows tattooed.


So there ya go; just a few posts from a few new people I am following.  Go check them out and give them some blog-loving!  And again, to anyone reading that is a  new follower of mine, Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog.  I hope you will stick around and Walk With Me.


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