Catch Phrase

Today’s #blogging101 assignment is: edit your title and tagline.


  • The title is the first thing most readers will see.
  • Your title and tagline work with elements like your address and theme to give visitors context and help them decide to stick around.

I am choosing to leave my blog title just the way it is.  I have always loved it and what it represents to me.  I feel that you don’t really know a person until you’ve “walked a mile in their shoes” with them.  This blog is my personal journey, for myself and for my readers to get to know me.

The tagline does need to be updated however.  It seems kind of boring.  To help it be more related to my blog title and the “theme” of my blog, it does need to be revised.  It needs to be more of a Catch Phrase.  I would love it if you could all help me decide on the revisions.  Here is what I have so far:


1). The stepping stones and musings in my daily life.

2). Come walk the journey of life with me.

3). The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

4). Enjoying life every step of the way.

Which do you like best? Which do you think suits my blog?  Please answer in the comments section. I would love some feedback.



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Life is a journey that I believe we are meant to walk please Walk a Mile with me. View all posts by Stacey

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