Hair balls

I’m sure you have heard that when you are pregnant, your gets gets nice and shiny, and long and full, from the hormones and the prenatal vitamins.  I have always had extremely thick hair growing up and so while I was looking forward to it getting shiny and long, I was dreading the “full”, especially since I was pregnant over the summer in Southern California.  I went a few times to my hair lady to fix me.  Sometimes it was so thick it dreaded itself underneath where I couldn’t reach.  Fast forward to this week.  I am now 3 months postpartum and was not told that one of the lovely after affects that most women start to experience around this time is the loss of that luscious hair.  I don’t mean a little bit hear and there; I mean CLUMPS  and large clumps and balls of hair. Everywhere.  Whenever I touch my hair it seems to be falling out.  To brush it, I’m constantly having to pull it out of the brush and pick up the remnants off of the floor.  The bottom of my shower was covered.  It is so gross.  No one told me about this, not that it would have changed my mind about having a baby.  Just wasn’t prepared for this. Has this happened to any of you? I was looking it up online to reassure myself I wasn’t the only one, and found out it lasts a few months before your hair is back to its normal.   Guess I’ll be making another visit to my hair stylist to try to fix it in the meantime.  Ladies, you are now forewarned (if you didn’t already know).  You’re welcome.


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