Helloooooo friends, and welcome new followers.  I realized its been a good half a year or so since I’ve really blogged, other than my recipe post yesterday.  sooooo much has happened in that time period.  I had previously announced I was pregnant with my first baby.  I had some complications (not too serious) with that pregnancy that led to lots of doctor visits to occupy my time.  Then during the summer, we were also frantically looking for a new place to live to accommodate our growing family.  Then came our first anniversary and moving week.  Unpacking and trying to figure out where to put things came next.  Then came the baby showers, and yet more organizing and putting things away.  Then was my birthday, oodles more doctor appointments, and finally little man arrived on 11/4.  And lets not forget the holiday season and my family visiting for a few weeks from NY.  And there you have the last 7 months or so of my crazy life.  Life with a newborn is quite the adjustment.  No one can really prepare you for how it will be, other than to tell you that you will function on extremely little sleep, life won’t be the same again, but in the end it is all worth it.  Our little guy has had some complications, so we are still dealing with lots of doctors and figuring things out, and yes there is no sleep, the house is a mess, you lose track of the days, your lucky to get one or two things done during the day that are non-baby related, but one look at him and my heart melts.  I can’t promise that I will be blogging regularly but I will try to do a few posts per month.  Its one of my new years resolutions, that hopefully I will stick with.  I still welcome your feedback/ideas on what to blog about (click on the BLOG THIS tab at the top) and always love comments.     Here’s to a happy, healthy and blessed 2014!


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