time flies

So today is July 1st.  It’s the second half of the year already.  Time has been flying by. I feel like it was just recently that I found out I was pregnant, and I’m halfway through my second trimester now.  We just found out that baby D is a BOY!  I’m really excited, but also so nervous because I was only really around girl babies and not sure how to care for a baby boy.  The heat here in southern California has been unbelievably HOT….in the 100’s the last few days and summer barely started.  I am kind of dreading the next few months as I get bigger/more pregnant and the rediculous temperatures that will ensue.  What’s the weather like where you are at?  How do you like to keep cool?  


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6 responses to “time flies

  • wsforchrist

    Thank you for sharing this small part of your journey. Don’t worry. When your little bundle arrives, boy or girl, they are a joy.

  • lovelylici1986

    Oh, man. I didn’t think of it as the second part of the year. EEK! I need to get on these goals, don’t I?
    I’m excited for you, having a boy. Boys are waaayyy easier. I think they should come first, just to give you a break, and some good prep. And contrary to popular belief, there are LOTS of super cute boy outfits out there! 😀
    It is SUPER hot here. It’s been summer since like February. We keep a small mist spray bottle around. Fill it with water and spray, spray, spray the heat away! Also drinking tea seems silly, but cools the body. And, of course, staying hydrated. Super important! Find big trees to sit under, drive really fast… Wait, don’t take that advice. Drive nice and slow. BABY ON BOARD! 🙂

    • Stacey

      I remember the heat from when we were there last August…too hot. In California we dont have big trees….just super tall palm trees that dont offer much for shade lol. I am definitely drinking lots of water. And running the air conditioning and fans all the time!

  • Mechanics Wife

    I live in Florida. I don’t really call it heat, as I do humidity! The heat I could probably handle! But when it’s 80% humidity! That’s when I stay indoors and enjoy the a.c.and sit directly under an air vent with something cold to drink! When are you due? I have two teen age boys!

    • Stacey

      My grandma lives in Florida and I visited her a lot growing up and remember the humidity all too well. I’m due 11/11. getting very excited and cant wait to meet him.

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