Date Night Challenge week 3

We had date 3 yesterday, and we were also celebrating 5 months of marriage.  It was the perfect night for this weeks topic  Reminisce Together.  The instructions were to go somewhere and/or do something that was meaningful to you both and your relationship.  It started off with him surprising me with my favorite flowers, orchids, and some cupcakes from this amazing gourmet cupcakery that we went to several times when we were first dating.  I surprised him with a bottle of wine that he really likes.  Then we went to downtown and walked around some antique shops to find some fun treasures.  Then, we went out for sushi, something we love!  During dinner, we asked each other the 15 discussion questions that were very focused on reminiscing on your relationship.  Some of the questions were:  “what do you remember about our first date?”, “what are some of the things that you value about me?”, “what stands out about our marriage proposal?”, “what are you favorite moments of our wedding ceremony?”,  “What’s the best gift I’ve ever given you and why is it so special to you?”, etc.  When we got home, we planned on looking at our wedding photos and DVD, but we ended up eating the cupcakes and finishing the wine, and things went in a different direction.  So far, it was the more romantic and intimate date.  Can’t wait for the next date challenge!




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