Goal Setting

My wonderful friend, Dawn, hosted a 2013 goal setting tea today.  It was me and about 18 other ladies who gathered at her house, had some tea and baked goods, and went through a goal setting workshop.  First you evaluate where you are in different areas of your life, such as career, family, finances, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. Then take a few areas where your scores are low, and develop a collage of dreams on what you want your life to look like.  Then you take those ideas and set short term, intermediate, and long term goals.  From there, you break those down into action steps.  You can focus on just one area at a time, or multiple.  We are going to meet quarterly to review where we are at, and are in the process of setting up a networking group online to keep each other accountable, bounce ideas, share successes, etc.  Our homework for now is to set up our colleges/dream boards.   My goals are going to be starting a photography business, developing a strong foundation for my marriage, and getting healthy.  Here are my boards:










Do you set yearly goals?  To me it is building off of some of my New Years resolutions, but with a more detailed plan using an action sheet.


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