Decisions Decisions

Well yesterday I decided (finally) to take the plunge and commit myself to going back to school.  But it’s not school in the sense that most of you are thinking.  I will be going to photography school, in the evenings and weekends, around my regular work schedule.  Classes start March 19th and the semester is through mid-June.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  My short term goal is just to further develop my photography skills and gain some knowledge about DSLR camera’s and ultimately purchase one.  My longer term goal is to turn this hobby into a part-time, side business.  While I would love for your support and encouragement on my new journey, I would REALLY love your HELP.  First, any suggestions of what DSLR camera to get to start off with, would be appreciated.  Second, I need to develop a name for my (eventual) photography business and would love any and all suggestions on what to call it.  I would like to have some part of my name (Stacey Archer)  incorporated somehow, but it’s not a necessity.  Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section.  And if you have never seen my photography before, you can scroll through the blog, or you can go over the right side of the blog, find the words Mile Markers, and click on the link called Photography and the link called Weekly Photo Challenge, which will take you to all posts that I have tagged regarding my photography.  Thanks again for any input you can offer.


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5 responses to “Decisions Decisions


    First, congratulations on choosing to further your photography!

    With so many brands and models of digital cameras on the market it may take time to decide which is going to be a good starter camera. Questions to ask yourself would be: What is my style/do I have a style of images I enjoy making. i.e.: vista, portraits, nature etc. Then read, read and read and talk to others who are using digitals.

    Good to see your confidence is high enough to be thinking of the professional side of photography, there isn’t anything wrong about
    using Stacey Archer Photography as your business id. It will help customers and potential customers identify you with what you are doing.

    Best of luck Stacey.

    • Stacey

      Thanks so much! I plan on asking the other students and teachers during the first week or 2 of class, and then I want to purchase one. I’m also consulting with a few friends that do a lot of photography. I’ll probably be going with my name for my business ID. I’ve been putting it on my current pictures, so it would make sense to keep using it. Thanks again!

  • lovelylici1986

    That’s awesome, Stacey! Super happy and excited for you!
    I don’t have ideas of names. Tell us a bit more. A few of your favourite things? I think the name of your business should really speak to you; who you are, what your style is.

    • Stacey

      Thanks Lici. Not sure my favorite things have anything to do with photography. But I’m thinking my focus will be on kids, engagements, portraits and animals.

      • lovelylici1986

        Hmmm… How about a word to go after “Archer”?
        Archer Classic Photography or something like that? I think simple is better. And your name is pretty nice. It would give a nice clean, professional sound to the name, I think.
        A few people I know I have photography business in The Bahamas: Classic Photography, Magic Photo (one of those places you go to for a picture with a standard backdrop), Mr. Photo (same as before), BJM Photography (her initials), Scharad L (his first name, last initial), Impact Images.

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