Burn, baby burn

I think I have mentioned before that I am semi-accident prone.  I am always running into things, tripping over something, waking up with an occasional bruise, walking into a door, etc.  But just in the last 2 weeks, I think I have exceeded my accident-prone limits with the number of times I have burned myself, yes, BURNED myself.  It all started 2 weeks ago..I was taking a shower, and still had my contact lenses in.  I was doing what us girls do, multitasking in the shower by shampooing my hair, then leaving it in while cleaning myself with body wash, when somehow, the shampoo ran into my eye and settled so nicely under my contact.  I couldn’t just get out of the shower, so I finished washing all the soap off my body, the shampoo out of my hair, and then even conditioned it, all while my eyeball is on fire!  After I got out, I then decided it still hurt, but not as much, so I might as well go blow dry my hair, which takes me 30 minutes, still with my contacts in.  Then I made a phone call.  During my phone call, I was kindly instructed to go take my contacts out….which I did (because the person telling me to do so was just so darn cute, how could I say no?).  The next day I just so happened to have an eye appointment because I needed new contacts and I wanted a consult for LASIK.  The eye doctor came in, started looking at my eye and began telling me how much I screwed it up, that he couldn’t even examine it, because I had burnt the cornea.  He gave me eye drops which I have been using non-stop.  This is also one of the reasons I haven’t posted much, because it hurt to see for awhile.     But I went for my follow up yesterday, and he said it looks much better and is healing nicely….yay!

The second burn came Sunday.  I was using my flat iron to straighten my hair, which I do most every day.  I’m not sure if it was lack of sleep, me rushing, or just not paying attention, but I ended up grabbing my ear with the flat iron, and not the section of hair right next to it that I was trying to straighten.  My ear got all red, and apparently blistered up, and as of Monday night, began bleeding.  I can’t touch it or even have my hair touch it because it hurts like hell.

The third burn came Tuesday morning.  I was running very late for work and was rushing to make breakfast before leaving for work.  I made some hash browns and eggs, and as I was transferring them from the pan into the container to take to work, I dropped them on my foot, well my big toe actually, where it proceeded to burn my toe for at least a minute before I could get everything set down and grab something to remove the hot food with.

I think that for the rest of the week, I’m going to try to avoid cooking, hot appliances/hair tools, and any kind of chemicals. Maybe I’ll wrap myself in bubble wrap and surround myself in a plastic bubble, all to avoid any further burns or accidents.  And, if you want to read about how a bbq grill blew up in my face, yet another incident of me accidentally burning myself, then read this post.

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6 responses to “Burn, baby burn

  • purrfectlee

    Oh you poor dear. I think the bubble wrap is a good idea. At least for a little while. I burned the heck out of my head on Monday with my flatiron and now it’s all scabbed over. Eww gross, I know. I hope your burns heal soon and be careful out there! 🙂

  • Lian

    Ouch! That sounds bad. I hope you’ll manage quite some time now without any burning! Bubble wrap doesn’t really seem that practical 😉

  • lovelylici1986

    Oooh, my goodness! That is crazy. Way too many burns.
    Vitamin E and aloe are both soothing.
    Get a vitamin E tablet, prick it with a pin, and use the stuff inside it to rub on your burns. Not your cornea though. That may not go over so well.

  • Amiable Amiable

    I vote for the Vitamin E, too. I used that trick with the tablet for sun poisoning (a.k.a. the worst burn you could get from the sun!), and it worked wonders. But, yes, don’t apply it to your cornea – ha ha.

    I’m so sorry you’ve ‘been burned’ so many times. I’ve burned my ears with the curling iron, too. How does that happen? The worst and most idiotic burn I ever got from an appliance, though, was catching in my bare hands a HOT, falling iron from the ironing board. Brilliant.

    Recently, I haven’t been particularly brilliant about blogging, but am getting back to writing and – as evident here – reading AND commenting. I’ve just awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. Don’t feel obligated – I just find the awards are a fun way to recognize blogs that I enjoy.


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