Repurposed Wine Rack

When  I first started drinking wine, I usually only had a couple of bottles in the house.  So I bought this handy-dandy wine rack that holds up to 6 bottles of wine at a time, and I thought it had a fun shape:

But then I began to LOVE wine, and accumulated a lot more bottles.  My love for wine also led to my love for my now much larger wine bar/cabinet, that also matches my living room and dining room furniture.  But I wasn’t ready to part with my swirly, fun wine rack, so I thought about how I could re-use it and came up with this:

It now sits proudly in my bathroom, holding all my hair essentials:  flat iron, blow drier, round brush, flat brush, curling iron, and several hair clips and combs.  I think its very functional and adds some flare to my bathroom.   What do you think??


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