Recipes wanted

The last few months were very busy ones for me, with all the holidays, my trip home, roommate drama, and my new relationship, that I became kind of derailed from my eating healthy and working out goals (well the working out was put on hold due to my wrist injury).  In the spirit of the new year and wanting to get back on track, I am starting a 10 day cleanse on Monday, to flush out my system and start over.  The cleanse involves some fiber drinks and some supplements, and eating at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and really limiting my meat intake.  I am asking all of you for any  good recipe suggestions, primarily vegetarian, but can include some chicken or fish, and some good snack ideas.  So please leave any suggestions or recipes in the comments for me…and if I use yours, there will be a blog post about it and I will add it to my Savory Stuff page 🙂



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