My blogging buddy Sandi, over at ahhsome.wordpress.com, had put together a great community of her favorite bloggers, where they all support each other by reading and commenting on each other’s posts, and really just network and encourage each other.  We initially met in March of last year, I believe, as we were both doing the April A-Z Challenge (you should read all my A-Z challenge posts by clicking on the link under MILE MARKERS just over there on the right).  It turned out that we also had other blogging buddies in common as well.

This week, Sandi has welcomed me and my blog into the Ahhsome Community.  I got a great welcome mat, which I have placed on my right side bar, and you can click it to read the Ahhsome post she did about me.  She also came up with a FABULOUSLY Ahhsome picture to represent my blog.  She designed it herself, incorporating all of the things she has learned about me so far, such as my love for shoes, Coach purses, sports and photography.  It is so cute I am posting here for you all to see:

I think she looks just like me….what do you think?

Thanks again Sandi for my official welcome into the Ahhsome Community AND for the great post you did.  For those of you who want to read it (because I think you should) and to check out Sandi’s blog, click here.


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