I found this game on my blog buddy Sharon’s blog and thought it would be fun to play along.  You just answer each topic with something using the first letter of your first name.  Since her name and mine start with the same letter, it will definitely be more challenging for me to not use her answers.  Hope you will play along:

Using the First Letter of your First Name, Answer:

First of all, Your Name: Stacey

A Color: Sapphire blue

A Place: Shopping mall

A Store: Saks 5th Avenue

A Street Name: Stewart St.

A Famous Female Celebrity: Sandra Bulluck

A Famous Male Celebrity: Stephen Moyer

A Band Name: Samsung

A Song Title: “Sweet Home Alabama

A Drink: Sangria

A Boy Name: Sam

A Girl Name: Sadie

A Car: Subaru

A Food: Stuffed Shells

Something found in the bathroom: Soap

Something found outside: Sun

Something you wear: Shoes (sorry Sharon…I have to keep this one 😉  )

A TV Show Title: Saturday Night Live

A Movie Title: Something Borrowed

A Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day

Something you find in the kitchen: Spoon

A Job Title: Secretary

A State: South Dakota

A Famous Landmark: Stonehenge

A Notorious Person: Steven King

A Mood: Silly

A Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Something you shout: Shut up!

Reason for being late: Stuck in traffic

Book Title: Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austin)



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