Simplify 10/103

Today’s tip to simplify your life is:

10. Turn off your cellphone. A ringing cell-phone is not conducive to intimate conversation or a dreamy first date. Be present.

I don’t know about you, but my cell phone is my lifeline basically.  I don’t have a land line so it’s my only phone source.  I have a Droid X smartphone, so it is also my internet/tv/games/gps source as well.  I have learned to turn it on vibrate/silent when I’m going to bed, since I have blogging buddies all over the globe who post at different times, sending an email alert to my phone.  Also, if I am on a “dreamy first date”, or any date, I also turn it on silent.  Same with work, so I”m not disturbing my co-workers.  The only time my phone is actually turned off is when I’m flying and the pilot tells you to turn your phones off during the flight.  I am never without my phone, with 3 exceptions, when I was in Ukraine, England, and Africa.  Obviously, I had no service there, so I left my phone at home.

Do you turn your phone off?  Are you ever without it?


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6 responses to “Simplify 10/103

  • Cy Moananu

    I not only turned my cell off, I got rid of it completely. Life became so much simpler without always feeling tethered to it & to everyone who felt that everything was very urgent need to know right now sort of living. I tell people, if I need to call you, I’ll find a payphone. Or email me. I check my emails twice daily. If you’re dying, call 911 – not me. *laughing*

  • ElizOF

    I have my cellphone turned off at home and when I’m driving… Don’t want to be too plugged in., 🙂

  • ElizOF

    Finally catching up again… where did the time go? Phew! 🙂

  • lovelylici1986

    I don’t ever turn my phone off (when I have one). I just keep it on vibrate. Silent when I’m at a meeting or at the doctor or something like that. Airplane mode for flying. Off? NEVER.
    I have emails set to just give a light alert. No sound. My phone would die in an hour if it had to alert me with sound for every email. Lol.

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