Birthday Bliss

As promised, here is a blog detailing how I spent my birthday for the last week (yes, I said week).  My birthday was actually yesterday, but since it was on a Tuesday, I had to pick alternative days to celebrate with my friends, due to work schedules.  The festivities started last Thursday, actually.  I was taken out to lunch by my coworkers and boss to a sushi restaurant.  Thursday work best for all of us to go out, and then there actually an ice cream social party being held that afternoon for those of us that ride share throughout the week. So it was perfect to have lunch and then come back for ice cream.

Friday, I went to the gym, then had a wonderful massage, to help my back pain and just to relax.  Then I went shopping with my friend Christina and her daughter.  I needed to find a dress for my sister’s upcoming wedding, and some clothes for my trip to NY.  I was able to find both!  and got myself a new Coach purse that I had been eyeing for awhile now.

Sunday was the big celebration.  I have been in Los Angeles for 5 years now, and still have a huge Bucket List of places to see, things to do, etc. so I thought this would be a great time to get a few things crossed off while celebrating with my friends.  My day started out with these for breakfast:

cinnamon rolls....mmmm!

After my healthy, non-calorie, non-sugar, delicious breakfast, the first stop was the Griffith Observatory:

This place has been featured in movies, and has the most amazing views of Los Angeles, as well as being an awesome place to learn all about astronomy.  Here are some pictures from inside:

I'm holding a 4 billion year old piece of a meteor

a scaled down version of the telescope

Then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  I wanted to go here because I love museums, and this one had some great contemporary art, modern art, but mostly because they had a special exhibit by Tim Burton, that was only there until 10/31/11.  They would not let you take pictures of the Burton exhibit, but I was able to get a picture of me going into the exhibit and the end of the exhibit:

That man is amazingly brilliant, yet disturbed.  His exhibit was so interesting and well worth seeing.  Here are a few other pics from the musuem:

After walking around all day, we quickly changed into our heels and headed over to Beverly Hills to this restaurant, The Stinking Rose, where everything they serve has garlic in it, even the ice cream.  You walk in to smell the intoxicating aroma of roasted garlic, and you leave covered in it :).   We were not brave enough to try the garlic martini or garlic wine, and opted for mojitos.  The garlic bread was our appetizer.  I ordered baby back ribs, encrusted in garlic, and it came with garlic mashed potatoes… was AMAZING!!  see:

Then the waiter came out, placed a large garlic bulb hat on my head, and handed me a candleabra and garlic ice cream while he and the other waiters and my fantastic friends sang Happy Birthday:

group photo after

Then we headed back home, as it was getting late.  The Emmy Awards were that night, and while driving back to where my car was parked, we happened to drive right past one of the after-parties and saw lots of celebs outside getting photographed.

Yesterday, I had to work.  I woke up to so many text messages, calls and Facebook birthday wishes, which continued throughout the day, making it hard to work.  I went out to lunch with the coworkers again, and then after work, spent the evening with my fabulous adoptive family here.  We had dinner and yummy desserts and just got to relax and have girl time.

I am exhausted but it has been a blast!  I feel so blessed by each and every person who helped make me feel special, while I continue to fret about getting older.  I look forward to what this year has in store and can’t wait to share with you all, and to be able to cross more things off my bucket list!

How did you spend your last birthday?  What things are you looking forward to this year and/or crossing off of your bucket list?


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