Simplify 7/103

Today’s simplify topic is:

7. Wash your dishes mindfully. Chores don’t have to be so bad. Put a smile on and enjoy the rhythms of the job.

Yesterday, I talked about laundry, one of the chores I dislike.  Today is the other, DISHES.  I don’t have any particular reason for not liking this chore, I just don’t.  But I now have a dishwasher in my apartment, and so I don’t mind doing dishes as much.  Yet since I have been without a dishwasher for 5 years, I guess you could say I got in the habit of hand washing the dishes, so I haven’t used my dishwasher much since moving here.  Maybe I need to have a dinner party so that there are lots of dishes to load in the dishwasher…hmm.

How do you feel about doing dishes?  What is your most disliked chore around the house?


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