Simplify 6/103

Want to simplify your life?  Here is step #6:

6. Wear it twice (or thrice). Apparently, this rule doesn’t apply to underwear.

Laundry is one of my least favorite tasks (the other is dishes).  So I am happy to follow this step, to some degree.  I think it’s totally fine to wear your jeans a few times before washing them.  And sometimes other clothes, like a sweater, that you had something else underneath, that is fine too, as well as something only worn for a couple of hours.  But my workout clothes…not a good idea to wear more than once, especially after a really good workout where there was a lot of sweating involved….yes, girls can sweat.  But now that I live in an apartment and have to find a laundry facility to do all my wash, I might try wearing things twice, to help cut down on the amount of laundry and the loads of laundry.  And, it will help conserve water, right??

Do you wear things more than once?  Or do you wash everything as soon as it’s worn?  Any laundry secrets you care to share?


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