Simplify 2/103

Today’s topic in the 103 ways to simplify series is:

2. Be frugal and stay out of debt. Debt hangs over your head like a nasty storm cloud. It keeps you from complete autonomy and makes you into a modern-day slave.

I agree with this step.  In January, I took at 13 week class offered at my church from Dave Ramsey, called Financial Peace University.  It was an amazing class that I would recommend to EVERYONE.  You learn so many things, such as budgeting, saving for college, investment options, retirement, benefit information, etc.  I wrote a post about it called (D)umping Debt, just click on the link to read more about it.

I have now paid off all my credit cards and continue to work on budgeting my money.  The only major debts I have left are my car and my student loans, which I keep trying to chip away at.  I do try to use coupons when I can and purchase things when they are on sale.  It has been hard when I am out with friends and I see something I want, but I try to not purchase it unless I have the money right then and there (which is usually not the case).  It was very hard walking in the COACH store on Sunday and NOT walking out with the super cute purse that I wanted.  I resolved to telling myself that if I get enough money for my upcoming birthday, and it is still on sale at the store, then I could buy it.

What are some of the ways you try to eliminate debt and/or save or budget money?


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