Simplify 1/103

A little while ago, I came across a post written by one of my new blog buddies, Lisa, from Life’s Little Slices,  who found it from another site, that was 103 ways to simplify your life.  The challenge is to blog about each one.  Since I have been at a loss for interesting blog material, I thought I would start working some of this challenge in.

1. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. Most real food is easy to pronounce – like peas, apples, nuts, berries, and beans. Avoid doozies like these- Mono-sodium glutamate, Butylated hydroxytoluene, and tert-Butylhydroquinone

When I was younger, and much skinnier, I didn’t give a second thought to what I would eat.  In fact, since my parents were divorced, my sister and I would have a couple of nights per week where my dad would pick us up and our first stop was to some fast food joint for a quick dinner, before going to visit family.  On weekends with him, we would sleep late, wake up and drink soda and eat junk food all weekend, sometimes even for breakfast.  Now, I look at the list of ingredients on the junk food packaging, and all the information listed on the nutritional charts at restaurants, and I am disgusted at the thought of what I had consumed all of those years and wonder how much of it has severely affected my body and overall well-being. Yes, I can attribute some of my weight loss and health issues on my thyroid problem, but I can also say it was from years and years of abuse from junk food and fast foods.

I have been going to a personal trainer and gym for the last 3 months.  I’m happy to report that after 2 months, I have lost 22 inches and 11 pounds.  I have revamped my outlook on food and try to really scrutinize what I eat….though with moving, I did revert back to some old ways for a week, having to eat out most every meal, while I was in between places and packing/unpacking, until I could get to the grocery store.  My trainers have explained a lot to me about food and I try to focus on healthy eating.  There are still ingredients in some items that I don’t know/can’t pronounce, but for the most part, I try to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish, and try not to add any extra fat, calories or mystery ingredients when cooking.  It has made a difference in my mood and energy levels and just makes me feel a lot healthier. I am really trying to cut out all coffee and sodas.  I had been doing well, but did sneak in a few here and there and would notice its effect on me, so I’m back to cutting it out again.  I don’t need all those chemicals.

What is your approach to foods/ingredients? Is there anything you stay away from? What do you enjoy eating?


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