90% done

As some of you that have been reading my blog regularly know, I recently moved.  Last Saturday…the hottest day of the year here in Los Angeles, around 104 F.  My boyfriend Kevin came with his nephew and the newphew’s friend around 7:30am and we went to U-Haul to pick up the 17 foot truck.  Then they started loading and I began to freak out a little that it was not all going to fit in there.  After a lot of rearranging, and moving things to fit “Tetris” style, it started to look better.  My friend Kim and her husband Robby also came to help out around 9am.  They had originally helped me about 4 years ago when I moved into that place.  Everyone was great about carrying all the heavy stuff, so that I wouldn’t hurt my back.  It was a little bit weird not knowing what to do besides tell them which things were going and where to put things, etc.  but at the same time, it was so great not having to worry about hurting my back any more.

Finally around 11:00/11:30am, the truck was loaded up and we headed out to the new place. Thankfully everything fit in the truck!  The unloading was done around 1:30pm.  The guys took care in asking me where I wanted things put and helped me get my bed all set up and some of the furniture arranged. Everyone was so great, dealing with all the boxes and the ridiculous heat.  I had bought doughnuts and LOTS of water to help with keeping everyone hydrated.  I had the truck all returned by 2pm and then took a quick lunch break with Kevin and then got busy with the unpacking.

As of today, I am 90% done with the unpacking.  I had taken the week off of work to get all unpacked and settled, and to go back to the old place for a lot of cleaning.  Once I’m all unpacked, I will post some pictures.  Unfortunately, my camera was all packed away for the move, so there are no picks of the craziness of the morning or of the towers of boxes.

Thank you to Kevin, Kellen, Brian, Kim and Robby….you guys were so awesome!  And thanks to all of you for your well wishes and kind words regarding the move.


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