It’s Finally Here

Rebecca and I picked up the keys last night and today we are officially moving in.  We were disappointed last night when we saw the actual apartment we were getting, as it didn’t seem to be quite as nice as the one they had used to show us. But that was over a month ago that we saw the demo apartment.  There are a few issues to work out with the management that we noticed last night, such as scratches and dings on the cupboards and a leaking water drain, and it seems a lot smaller that the one we had viewed.  There is also very little counter and cupboard space in the kitchen 😦  which is not going to go well for my HUGE pots and pans set…lets just say when I originally bought that set, it was delivered to me in 11 boxes.  We just need to be thankful to have a place to live and hope that we can turn it into something nice.


Anyways, my movers are on the way, I’m sipping some coffee to help wake up and calm my nerves, I have doughnuts ready for the movers and am just praying everything goes smoothly.   The weather is supposed to be about 102-104 F today, so I have a lot of water laying around as well.  I won’t have internet for a few days, unless I can somehow connect to my wireless from my cell phone to work with the laptop….so until I get back online I hope you all have a great weekend/week and I will appreciate any kind thoughts or prayers for my move/unpacking/and for my back.




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