Ask Me – Question 5




Today’s “ASK ME” question is:  “Would you be happier if you could be set for life financially or if you could have a wonderful husband who is everything you ever wanted and makes you sooo happy (knowing that his life would end in 5 years)?”

This question was from my great friend Cathi.



Why can’t I have both???!!  LOL.  Cathi has heard all my guy drama over the years, the happy times, the heart break, etc. But if I really think about it, my choice would always be to have a wonderful husband, even if he would die in 5 years.  I’m reminded of the quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson:

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

I have always dreamed of getting married and having my own family. And so far it has not gone according to my plan, lol.  But I have not given up home overall.  There are some days where I am more frustrated than others about being single, or having a bad date and thinking why do I bother.  I just need to remind myself that the “right guy” is out there somewhere, and having gone through all the crap I have gone through, I hope it will help me appreciate him more when I do meet him. I know what I want in a relationship and I think I know myself better now, which will help me to better prepare myself for a committed relationship and be able to give all of myself to that person.  I want to know and experience that true and unconditional love for someone and feel that in return.  It is worth more to me that all the financial stability, even in this rough economic time.   Don’t get me wrong, I would like to not have to worry about how I’m going to pay my bills and have a little bit in savings to fall back on, but in the end, money can never by love.   

Thanks for the great question Cathi 🙂

**This is part of a series I am doing where you, my wonderful readers, can ask me anything you want, whether in my comments section or using my BLOG THIS page.  I will then answer your question in a blog post and link back to your blog.**


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