A different kind of 5QF

Normally on Fridays, I participate in Five Question Friday hosted by fivecrookedhalos.  Those unfamiliar with it, it is a series of questions for you to answer and share on your blog and on the fivecrookedhalos link-up.  This week, the questions mostly dealt with kids, your house, etc. which I thought did not pertain to me and I didn’t want to bore you with the same answer to each question consisting of “I don’t know, since I don’t have this or that”.  So I am changing it this week and asking for you to submit a question/questions to me in the comments section that you would like for me to answer.  Feel free to ask me anything, keeping in mind that a) I do not have kids, b) I am not married, c) I rent a room in a house with roommates.  I will be as honest as possible.


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