Where Am I? – day 2

Like I stated yesterday, I went on a mini-vacation, and I was posting some clues and pictures to see if any of you could guess where I was at.

To recap, here are yesterday’s clues (written only):

  • Clue #1 I am by the ocean. Last night I went out on the sand, and its the only beach that allows cars to drive on the sand.
  • Clue #2 Today we went downtown and enjoyed many yummy strawberry goodies.
  •  Clue #3 I also mentioned in the comments that I was still in California
And this is what I ended up looking like at the end of the day…..I could have been a strawberry at the festival since I was the same color as them:

Here are today’s photos and clues:


Clue #4 In the neighboring town, we went to a restaurant for breakfast where one of the first major land developer’s vision was to have a community with a hotel and railroad station near the beach.  He promoted the town as “the place where the tide lands and the rails meet.”  This is a picture of our order number that you put on the table and they bring you your food.


After eating we went to the beach again so I could take some pictures of the water (that I will post another day for the weekly photo challenge).


Clue #5 Where I am is considered a nostalgic California beach town.  It has a 1,200 foot long pier and hosts annual events such as a classic car show, the strawberry festival (the pictures from yesterday) and a July 4th fireworks display held right at the pier.  Here are pictures I took on the pier.



Clue #6 The ***** Clam was named for the long wide beach where so many were once found. Once so abundant they were harvested with plows on the beach, giving the city the name “Clam Capitol of the World”, the *****Clam is now greatly diminished.


Clue #7  Next we drove by the well-known Monarch Butterfly Grove.  From late October through February, thousands of Monarch butterflies gather in this grove, clustering in the limbs of Eucalyptus and Monterey Pines.  I borrowed my friend Cathi’s picture of it, since there were none there today.



Clue #8 We finished out the afternoon going wine tasting at a few different wineries, located in the next town over, also another beach town.



There’s all the clues and pictures for today.  Can you guess where I am???


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