First week of measurements

Last Saturday when I was at the gym with my trainor, he took my starting measurements so we can start tracking my progress.  That was also the day I started by body detox/cleanse.  Today he took  my measurements again then he turned on his video camera to log my progress.  He told me how much I had lost for each area and all together, in just one week, I lost 8 1/2 inches!  He said that people in 2 weeks usually lose between 6-10 inches, so I was doing really, really well!

It has not been an easy week.  I had to pass up on cakes and desserts at 2 retirement lunches, a birthday cake for my friend, a homemade meal by another friend, and went out to eat twice (once for the retirement lunch and once on a date).  I have been eating a LOT of vegetables and fruits and since I haven’t had one single bit of caffeine, I have had the headache from hell for the entire week.  But to get those results today made it worth it.  I have a long ways to go, but it helps knowing I am making progress.

Today there was no one else at the gym when I went, so I couldn’t people watch.  I just blasted my Pandora on my phone and started mindlessly at the TV to get through my cardio.  Thanks for all the suggestions the other day!


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