Exercise my brain

I was at the gym yesterday and was on the bike for about 45 minutes doing my cardio when this blog post idea came to me….what do you think about when you are exercising?

I tend to blast my music on my iPod or phone and try to zone out.  Often I tend to people watch. I wonder how they can lift all that weight, or what is going through their head.  There are TV’s at the gym, but usually it is the news or a stupid talk show.  When I’m doing weights or machines, all I can think about is how much I hate whatever exercise I’m doing, how many more reps I have to do, what number am I on again? and wondering if I will hurt tomorrow.  I think I need something more motivating to think about when I’m working out.

So…..what do you think about when exercising?  All ideas are welcome.


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9 responses to “Exercise my brain

  • Baxter Bunny

    Unfortunately, when I’m at the gym I’m thinking about how much I hate exercising!I do like hiking, bike riding and hoppin’ around the blogoshere!

  • Sandi Ormsby

    Well, when we did hit the gym…it was an escape from being mommy with the kids in the daycare there. It was just that an escape to turn my mind off and actually listen to a song or mindlessly watch whatever. I didn’t care what I was doing, as long as I wasn’t mommy for 45 minutes.

    However, it’s time to also reflect on what you need to do when you get home. Like a ticker tape, mentally checking off things done and what’s left.

    **That’s when I’m on the treadmill

    HOWEVER, when I take a class like SPINNING- no time to think, just hang on and THANK GOD when you complete the class. Ha! 🙂

    Lake Forest, CA

  • Joss

    I try to be mindful while exercising. So I think about, I visualize, the blood flowing through the particular muscles I’m extending – flushing away debris and sending oxygen to my cells. On the treadmill, I listen to fun positive music, or I just allow my mind to wander. If i find I’m fatiguing, I count to one hundred, over and over to keep myself going. Because I so believe that my body is not a separate entitity from my heart, soul, mind, and spirit, I speak to and listen to my body. I know, I’m a bit of a nut! But, in my mind, you are not getting full benefit of your exercise if your body is there and your mind is responding to TV for example!

  • mairedubhtx

    I listen to my iPod on the treadmill. It has all my favorite tunes and I just stuff it in my pants and it stays put. I hate watching the TV.

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