Happy Blogiversary

Happy blogiversary to you, Happy blogiversary to you, Happy blogiversary, dear Walk A Mile In My Shoes, Happy blogiversary to you!

Today I am celebrating my blogiversary, the 1 year anniversary of my blog!  The whole idea of it still blows me away.  I started this blog kinda on a whim last year, after seeing some of my other friends have blogs and thinking it would be fun.  You can read my very first post :  WELCOME

When I started, I was not very committed. There were days, weeks, even a month or so when I didn’t write anything.  I had a total of 24 posts from 5/17/10 though 12/31/10.  I think only about 3 friends subscribed to my blog and I hardly had any comments.  It wasn’t until WordPress announced its Daily Post Challenge, that I really decided to commit myself to my blog, challenging myself to do it daily, and I met lots of great, amazing, wonderful friends along the way.  I really enjoy writing now and take pride in my blog, and in myself for my renewed committment to it.  That is what I am celebrating today.  I hope you will all celebrate with me!


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