Unbreak my Heart

Yesterday was one of those days that was really hard for me.  While I don’t want to put it out there for the world to read as to the reason behind it, just know it was one of things from my past that happened to me; one of those things that changes your world and you will never, ever forget it.  Yesterday was the 10 year mark.  I can say that some things get easier with time, and that it’s not every single day that I think about it, but there are days that just hit me harder than others.  It was hard trying to not spend the day thinking about the past, wiping away tears and wondering if my broken heart will ever be mended and made whole, or as close to whole as you can get, knowing there is a piece of it that is gone that you won’t get back.  I was supposed to go out with a friend, as a distraction, but that fell through.  So instead I stayed at home, locked inside myself, trying to shut out the outside world and just focus on getting through the day and trying to focus on the week coming up.

How do you deal with grief, loss, sadness, broken hearts, hard times, etc.?


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