I just started physical therapy this week for my back and I went to see a personal trainer, who also specializes in rehabilitative training, upon my doctor’s suggestion.   After meeting with the trainer, we discussed some nutrition plans to help with weight loss, which will not only benefit my overall health, but the hope is that it will help with the bulging discs in my back.  One of the options were talked about were to start by doing a 10 day body detox/cleanse.  He gave me the supplements for it and tomorrow I am going to go to the market to get the foods recommended to eat while doing the cleanse.  I will admit I am kinda nervous with doing the cleanse and not sure what to expect.

Have any of you done a body detox/cleanse before?  How did you do it? What changes in your body did you notice?  What were some of the side effects?  Any advice you could give me on how to get through the cleanse and/or what to eat?


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