A-Z Challenge summary

For the month of April, I participated in this great challenge, which I found out about through my new blogging buddy, Sandi.  It was called the A-Z Challenge.  The goal of the challenge was to blog every day, except Sundays, using each letter of the alphabet for the month of April.

Here is a recap on what I used for the topics:

  • (A)nnouncing an April A-Z Challenge
  • (B)lessed Beyond Belief
  • (C)lub Creeper
  • (D)estination Unknown
  • (E)lephants
  • (F)ailure Focused or Forward Focused
  • (G)adgets, Gismos and GPS
  • (H)appines
  • (I)ce, Ice Baby
  • (J)ust Joking
  • (K)iss, Kiss
  • (L)ove Languages
  • (M)ama said…
  • (N)ot Now
  • (O)verused and Overplayed  (I also did a 2nd O post Orchids)
  • (P)ostcards, Placemats and Packages
  • (Q)ueen of Hearts
  • (R)ainbows
  • (S)tained Glass Windows
  • (T)ravel Tales
  • (U)ndo It  (I also did a 2nd U post Umbrellas)
  • (V)ampires
  • (W)ine  (I also did a 2nd W post  What’s Next)
  • (X) This
  • (Y)ogurt
  • (Z)ambia

There they are….all 26 (+ my additional 3 extras).  I loved this challenge.  I talked about it in my Whats Next post, where I said :

It has allowed me to get really creative, think outside the box, meet some great new blogging friends, and it has kept me on track with writing every day.  I’m so sad to see it come to an end.

Now I have added the fun badge on my right sidebar, showing I survived the challenge.  I really,  really, really had a lot of fun with it, and I found it gave me something to post about every day.  Now I’m kinda in a “what should I post now” rut.

Which was your favorite post topic(s) from my list?   Did any of you doing the A-Z challenge use any of the same topics for your letters?


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