Out of steam

I’m kind of burnt out from doing the A-Z challenge, blogging every day.  The great thing about it was that since I knew the order of the letters, I could do a few posts at a time and schedule them for the corresponding days, meaning that I didn’t always have to write every day, which worked out well for days like today.  It was a very long Monday.  It didn’t help that I stayed up late last night, glued to the TV watching the news about Osama Bin Laden’s death.  Then after work, I drove in traffic about 35 minutes to get to my friend’s house for our weekly Bible study.  I finally get home at 9:30pm from my long day, with a blog topic in mind, and some energy to write it, until I pull into our driveway.  That’s when I started getting irritated.  I can’t go into details on here because I know a couple of my roommates read this, and it is issues that I would rather discuss with them in person.  But even after I got into the house, it went downhill, and so now I’m sitting here, upset, with  my feelings hurt and feeling really disrespected, and have no energy left for today’s post.

Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow!


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