Weekly Photo Challenge : LINES

I was walking around in this new, cute shopping/restaurant area Friday night and when I looked up, there were these really interesting looking lights, made out of these metal strips.  I just loved the look of them and thought the lines of metal would be perfect for this weeks photo challenge.

And this picture I just HAD to post, for many reasons.  First and foremost, I LOVE HOCKEY.  So Friday night, after dinner, my friends and I from work that share season tickets, went to the quarterfinals, game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (it’s like the playoffs for SuperBowl for you football fans, or for like the World Cup, or whatever)  So this picture fits the LINES theme in 3 ways.  First, you are looking at the Starting LINE-up.  Second, there are the lines on the ice, such as the center line (which the refs are standing on) and the blue lines (which each team’s starting line is standing on).  Third, the lines of the American Flag.

So there ya go…my weekly photo challenge submissions.  You can check out other of weekly photo challenge posts below.

PS…..my team (the Anaheim Ducks) WON this game. It was a great night!


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