I wish I could say that this post was about the fun Limbo party dance, where everyone is having a good time walking under the Limbo stick, trying not to touch it, and laughing at those who do or who fall over in the process.  But I’m actually referring to a different Limbo.   Mine is a place or state of oblivion to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date; an intermediate, transitional, or midway state or place (definition from

 In January, I wrote a couple of posts about stress and about being in the process of getting a new car, since my current lease is up in April. You can read about them HERE and HERE.  Last week, I resumed the process of calling dealerships, searching the internet, and going to various car dealerships, all in search of my new car. Some of the salesmen made me feel stupid or bad for not accepting their “deal”, others tried to pressure me, and one, Jonathan, was just plain honest and straightforward, with no pressure or ill-feelings.  He was very patient with me while I would call him daily to ask a lot of questions, have him run different scenarios, etc.  Well apparently it is now my turn to be patient with him.

 On Monday night, I met Jonathan at the dealership to “seal the deal” for my new car.  I filled out all of the paperwork and then we waited, and waited.  They only had one finance manager on hand, and a few customers were ahead of me.  I finally left the dealership at 10:15pm with the new car (leaving my old car parked there, as it is not at its final destination yet) with the financing NOT in place yet, since the banks were closed.  I was told that the paperwork would be submitted in the morning.

I waited all day Tuesday to hear from them to confirm the paperwork and financing was finalized. I have to make sure the financing is finalized before I can return my leased VW to the VW dealer (it is currently sitting at the Honda dealer).  I call VW to schedule a lease return date for Thursday (today), thinking things will be done by now.  Finally Tuesday evening, I call Jonathan to check on the status, and he was gone.  I left him a voicemail to call me.  He called me at 8:30am yesterday to tell me that the finance manager was calling Honda/the bank today and that he would call me back.  Again, I go all day without hearing anything, and knowing Jonathan is not working tomorrow.  I called him at 5:00pm and he told me he would check on it and call me right back.  He calls me a few minutes later to tell me that the finance manager still hasn’t gotten to talk to Honda, because it is Month End and the end of their Really Big Deal sale, and so it has been very difficult to get through.  He told me that the financial manager will call him tomorrow to update him, and he will call me, even though he is not working, but that I should probably cancel my VW appointment tomorrow for my lease return. 

 So here I sit, waiting, in LIMBO, wondering if the car I am now driving around will actually be mine, when I can turn in my VW, when I can stop paying for insurance on both cars, etc.  And it sucks, because I am getting used to the new car and won’t want to give it back if the financing/paperwork falls through.  Please keep your fingers crossed that this situation gets finalized today so I can move on and start enjoying the new car and my weekend.


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11 responses to “LIMBO

  • Sandi Ormsby

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! That stinks having to pay insurance on two cars! Hope this is resolved quickly!


  • Piglet in Portugal

    Fingers crossed XXXXXXXXXXXXX and toes, or should that be trotters 🙂

  • Country Living

    Fingers are crossed! Let us know!

  • Country Living

    Dang! They must not want to sell a car to bad! Fingers still crossed!

  • mairedubhtx

    What a nightmare! If they let you take the car, I’m sure the financing will come through. It’s awful awaiting on other people to do their jobs while you’ve done yours.

    • Stacey

      Thanks Maire…that’s what I keep telling myself. I’m just worried about my VW that is just sitting there, hoping it doesn’t get towed away somewhere or broken into or vandalized while I”m waiting for this mess to be settle. Also the VW’s last car payment is due in a few days, and the new car people agreed to pay for it, a week after financing is in place. so now that payment will likely be late. And lastly, I need to make arrangements for someone to drive me to Honda, to pick up my VW to take to VW for the lease return, and then bring me home, since I can’t drive two cars at once. So I really need a date to schedule this so I can get help.

  • eof737

    This sounds like a case of poor customer service. You need to contact the financing dept directly and demand some answers. The paperwork should have been completed and signatures added before you drove that car off the lot. It is a huge liability to drive and pay for insurance on two cars; including one you don’t fully own.
    Forget crossing your fingers/toes. Give them an ultimatum; they must produce the financing paperwork by end of business today, as agreed, or this deal is off. Stick to your guns. If the paperwork doesn’t arrive or arrives with modifications, give the car back. Then, write a letter to their corporate office.
    Trust me Stacey, you don’t need the headache. You see, I don’t like the tactic of getting you attached to a car you don’t own and then … next thing who knows?
    Just my two cents 🙂
    Finally catching up after taking time out to handle offline stuff. 🙂

    • Stacey

      All the paperwork had been done; the issue turned out to be with the bank/financing department. We got it all straightened out by Friday at 6:00pm. The dealership is paying the difference in cost in financing, so it worked out in my favor.

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