Risky Business

Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken (and what happened)

I had only known life growing up in my small town in upstate NY.  Sure we moved around a lot within about  a 30 mile radius, and then I went away to college and started my life about 1 1/2 hours away from my family, but I was still within a reasonable driving distance away.  I had been to various places along the East coast, and had been to Canada, Poland and Ukraine.  But in January 2006 I was offered a job here in southern CA, working with abused and neglected teenage mothers/pregnant teens.  I felt that God called me to give up my independence, my apartment, my family and friends, and my job, and move all the way across the country to a place where I did not a soul, for a job that involved much longer and stressful hours and demands from me emotionally, with half of the pay, and for what?  To make a difference in the lives of the kids I would be working with.  So I set out, driving across the country, with an anticipation and some anxiety about this new chapter in my life, and just trusting God that he would provide my needs, such as friends and new “family”, since I was all alone out here, and to meet my needs with finances and a place to live.  The job lasted all of 13 months, but for the most part, I’m glad to have gone through the experience of it.  I decided to still live out here, and so far, all of my needs have been met.  I have been truly blessed!

On 3/22/11, I celebrated by 5th anniversary of living in southern CA.  You can read about how I have changed and what I have learned in the last 5 years here.

What about you?  What was the biggest risk you ever took and how did it turn out? Or what was a risk you considered taking, but didn’t?


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8 responses to “Risky Business

  • JaxieCat

    I love your story…walking out on a limb, trusting God is a beautiful thing, always a bit scary for sure. You know it was Godly inspiration cause it worked out like it has.

  • Country Living

    Very good blog! We kinda did the same thing! From moveing from a big city we grew up in and lived our whole lives, and knew practically everybody, to a very small rural country town, not knowing anybody! It’s a very scarry step to take! But I’m glad we did! Love your blog!

  • jeanne

    Stacey, It is truly amazing when we follow God’s small quiet voice. I was working in the corporat world, climbing the ladder when He called me into full time ministry. I now work as a volunteer coordinator and encourager for the Ministry of First Impressions at newhopechurch.tv. I am blessed by God and highly favored just like YOU!

  • nuggetsandpearls

    I admire you Stacey for making such a journey both literally and metaphorically. In answer to your question the bravest thing I’ve ever done, although I don’t consider it brave was to leave my day job and take the plunge to become self-employed. I’ve never looked back and can’t imagine ever going back to the 9-5 office routine. I believed in myself, the hard part was convincing everyone else around me that I was doing the right thing.

    • Stacey

      Wow, Marcia! That was definitely a big risk, and sounds like it paid off for you. It’s hard when you feel like you have to convince everyone around you and don’t feel like you are getting the support you want/need. You should be very proud for believing in yourself and taking your leap of faith!

  • eof737

    Happy 5th anniversary! It takes a lot of courage and prayer to move from one area to another… I can relate and I applaud your effort and story.

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