My number(s)

What’s your favorite number and why?

That’s today’s Daily Blog Topic for the PostADay2011 Challenge from Word Press. At first I thought it was a stupid question and was not even going to post about it. But then I started thinking I could change it and have some fun with it. I was going to start looking into topics related to numbers, such as numerology, but then I read Timmer’s Blog post today. He had a similar idea to do a post on numerology after reading another person’s blog, and then came across another blog (I love how interconnected we can be here in the blog world) that analyzes your name to come up with your own personal number. So I decided to give that a try, and was quite impressed with the results actually.
After typing in your full name, the letters are calculated to give you your number and then it goes on to explain the meaning of you number and associated numbers. Here’s is what my name/number means:
There are 16 letters in your name.
Those 16 letters total to 74
There are 4 vowels and 12 consonants in your name.

What your first name means:
Greek Male Diminutive of Eustace: Fruitful, productive. Famous bearer: St Eustace (Eustachins) was a martyred 2nd century Roman soldier.
Greek Female Feminine form of Eustace: Fruitful, productive. Diminutive of Anastasia: Resurrection. One who will be reborn.
English Male Productive. Abbreviation of Eustace.
English Female Diminutive of Anastasia: resurrection; or of Eustace: fruitful.
Your number is: 11
The characteristics of #11 are: High spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealist, a dreamer.

The expression or destiny for #11:
Your Expression number is 11. The number 11 is the first of the master numbers. It is associated with idealistic concepts and rather spiritual issues. Accordingly, it is a number with potentials that are somewhat more difficult to live up to. You have the capacity to be inspirational, and the ability to lead merely by your own example. An inborn inner strength and awareness can make you an excellent teacher, social worker (This is what my job actually is!), philosopher, or advisor. No matter what area of work you pursue, you are very aware and sensitive to the highest sense of your environment. Your intuition is very strong; in fact, many psychic people and those involved in occult studies have the number 11 expression. You possess a good mind with keen analytical ability. Because of this you can probably succeed in most lines of work, however, you will do better and be happier outside of the business world. Oddly enough, even here you generally succeed, owing to your often original and unusual approach. Nonetheless, you are more content working with your ideals, rather than dollars and cents.
The positive aspect of the number 11 expression is an always idealistic attitude. Your thinking is long term, and you are able to grasp the far-reaching effects of actions and plans. You are disappointed by the shortsighted views of many of your contemporaries. You are deeply concerned and supportive of art, music, or of beauty in any form.
The negative attitudes associated with the number 11 expression include a continuous sense of nervous tension; you may be too sensitive and temperamental. You tend to dream a lot and may be more of a dreamer than a doer. Fantasy and reality sometimes become intermingled and you are sometimes very impractical. You tend to want to spread the illumination of your knowledge to others irrespective of their desire or need.
Your Soul Urge number is: 3
A Soul Urge number of 3 means:
With the Soul Urge number 3 your desire in life is personal expression, and generally enjoying life to its fullest. You want to participate in an active social life and enjoy a large circle of frie nds. You want to be in the limelight, expressing your artistic or intellectual talents. Word skills may be your thing; speaking, writing, acting, singing.

In a positive sense, the 3 energy is friendly, outgoing and always very social. You have a decidedly upbeat attitude that is rarely discouraged; a good mental and emotional balance.The 3 Soul Urge gives intuitive insight, thus, very high creative and inspirational tendencies. The truly outstanding trait shown by the 3 Soul Urge is that of self-expression, regardless of the field of endeavor.

On the negative side, you may at times become too easygoing and too optimistic, tending to scatter forces and accomplish very little. Often, the excessive 3 energy produces non-stop talkers. Everyone has faults, but the 3 soul urge doesn’t appreciate having these pointed out.
Your Inner Dream number is: 8
An Inner Dream number of 8 means:
You dream of success in the business or political world, of power and control of large material endeavors. You crave authority and recognition of executive skills. Your secret self may have very strong desire to become an entrepreneur.

I went through and highlighted/underlined in red which characteristics/traits I think fit me.

So now I (and you) know what my name number means. You can find out your name number HERE. Also, please check out my post My Name is Stacey, I did awhile back on how I got my name and what it means.

Before doing this exercise, I would have said that my favorite numbers are 4, 14, and 7. The 4 and 14 I have just like for awhile, for no particular reason. I like 7 because of it’s biblical/spiritual significance. But now, I will be sure to add 11 to my favorites 🙂

What’s your favorite number and why?


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