Beauty and the Beast

Sunday night was a fun girls night out.  It started off last summer, with my work offering discount tickets to see Beauty and the Beast – the Broadway musical, at LA’s Pantages Theater.   I quickly sent emails and facebook messages to all my girlfriends to see who wanted to go.  We have been waiting months and months for this show and finally the time arrived.  We decided we were going to get all dressed up and go out for sushi before the show.  The food was amazing and I love how creative and beautiful the presentation of some of the sushi rolls can be.  We then braved the torrential rain and winds and headed to Los Angeles/Hollywood to the theater.  We just had to laugh at how soaked and disheveled we ended up looking like after the wind and rains broke everyone’s umbrellas and our shoes filled with puddles of water as the streets were flooded.  We took our seats, waiting with anticipation and giddy with excitement.  The show was amazing!!  Most of us cried multiple times throughout and of course we were quietly singing along in our seats.

Due to their policy, the Pantages does not allow photography inside of the theater.  I am attaching some photos from the internet of the show, along with some photos I took of the downstairs of the theater, along with me and girl friends.

My friend Joelle and I at the sushi restaurant

The 2 girls on the right are my roommates Jen and Sara who also went to the show. The girl on the left was Jen's friend who joined us just for dinner.

A beautiful chandelier and ceiling in the lobby of the theater.

Our Playbill, as we waited for the show to start.

Inside of the theater (photo courtesy of

"Be Our Guest" (photo courtesy of

Belle reading to the Beast (photo courtesy of

Beast and Belle dancing (courtesy of

Gaston and crew (photo courtesy of


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